You say your vows, swap rings, share a kiss, and suddenly you’re married – but what if your groom won’t wear a wedding ring?


In many wedding ceremonies these days, the exchanging of rings comes hand in hand with your exchange of vows. The placing of a ring on each other’s fingers is a token gesture to your new status as husband and wife, so it only seems right that this is a reciprocated tradition, right?


Groom wedding rings: will your man be wearing one? It might be expected of many grooms, but that hasn't always been a case - where do you stand?


Maybe, but not always.

Perhaps most famously, Prince William opted out of wearing a ring, joining the ranks of many others choosing to do so who aren’t in the spotlight. And it’s not just the men who are shirking the silver bands – there are more than a few married female stars who you’ll spot on the red carpet minus their wedding band, too.

But what does it all mean? Should groom wedding rings be compulsory or optional?

Those in favour of groom wedding rings cite a multitude of reasons. Marriage is a union, so both parties should wear the symbolic ring; exchanging rings makes for beautiful ceremony photographs; rings can be removed in relevant situations so they’re never uncomfortable (like doing the dishes, for example). If you’ll definitely be wearing rings, then this guide to choosing your perfect ring will be invaluable.

When wearing bride or groom wedding rings doesn’t need to be inconvenient, it does beg the question as to why you would decline to wear one. Do you not want to appear to be married, and if so, why not? Simply preferring not to be clad in jewellery often doesn’t cut it as a reason, with many questioning whether going ringless has sneakier motives.


Groom wedding rings: will your man be wearing one? It might be expected of many grooms, but that hasn't always been a case - where do you stand?


Just like the ring itself, one size does not fit all (and on a practical note, make sure you avoid these common ring mistakes!). For some couples, going bandless will be the natural choice, while for others rings are essential. Your feelings towards it may change over time, or you might remain a firm advocate for one side or the other. You might have an alternative token of marriage that you prefer. You might even buck tradition completely and let your groom see your dress.

Our best advice is to talk about both the bride and groom wedding rings early on so that your expectations match, you both understand each other’s wishes and perspectives, and reach a compromise if need be. Ring or no ring, start as you mean to go on with an honest and understanding discussion and you’ll set yourselves safely on the path to wedded bliss.


Where do you stand when it comes to your man wearing a wedding band?


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