So, this is my first post for the Wedding Ideas blog and what do I choose to write about? Well, my all-time favourite guilty pleasure, Gossip Girl, of course.

For those of you who aren’t acquainted with the show, it follows the lives of a set of Manhattan teens from their tumultuous love lives, leaving college, finding a job, family relationships. The usual. Personally, I watch it for the swoon-worthy outfits. And Ed Westwick.

In the show’s 100th episode, which airs on ITV in the UK very soon, Blair is all set to marry her Prince Louis of Monaco – but how will this fair with the love of her (and my) life Chuck Bass?

Chuck with Blair on the morning of her wedding

In the pictures released, the writers really have kept fans guessing. Why is Chuck with Blair on the morning of the wedding? Why does Blair look so miserable as she’s saying her vows? And why oh why is she alone in the ‘just married’ car? Only time will tell…

Will Blair and Louis go through with their marriage?

Anyway, as fashion is at the heart of Gossip Girl with the queen of boho Serena up against Chanel-chic Blair, it’s only right that we take a look at their big-day outfits.

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Queen B definitely wins wedding points for wearing a Vera Wang wedding dress, like a true priviledged New Yorker. She keeps her look close to her incredible day-to-day style with an A-line skirt, and of course, the obligatory Blair-bow. I love.

Beautiful bridesmaids in blush pink

Maid of honour Serena is a real show stealer, though (Pippa Middleton anyone?!), in her blush pink, full-length dress. Bang.on.trend for spring 2012 – the fash department on the show got that one soooo right.

Maid of honour Serena steals the show

However, it’s B’s straggly, lank, frankly awful hair that’s caused an internet sensation. Blair’s character is based around her never ending strive for perfection – and her hair is always coiffed perfectly. Is this a subtle hint that she’s a bride-to-be who’s definitely not in the right glowy, pre-wedding state of mind? I think so.

So what does everyone think? Do we like Blair’s dress? Has she made the right choice? P.S Whatever happens, I’m holding out for a Chuck Bass intervention, just so you know!

Images courtesy of Buzz Sugar