It’s an enormous honour and, let’s be honest, quite a lot of pressure too to be asked to be someone’s bridesmaid. It’s only natural that you want to help make your best friend’s wedding day as brilliant as can be, and that all begins with being a good bridesmaid yourself.

Follow these 10 steps for sure-fire bridesmaid success.


Worried you might not be being a good bridesmaid? Follow these 10 steps to be a brilliant bridesmaid and make your best friend's wedding day the BEST!


DO be honest about what you’d like to wear

Uncomfortable bridesmaids do not make for happy photographs, so try to accommodate the bride’s wishes within your own comfort zones. The mix and match bridesmaids look might just be the way to go…


DON’T choose a dress that blows the bridesmaid budget

The bride is one of your best friends so of course she wants you to look good. But, if she’s footing the bill for your fancy gowns, it’s polite to stay within her suggested price range.


DO keep your calendar clear for boutique visits

Wedding dress shopping is exciting, but it takes time for most brides to find ‘the one’. Try your best to keep a handful of dates free so that she never has to attend an appointment alone.


DON’T bicker with other bridesmaids

You’re a team, so make sure you act like it! First and foremost, you should support the bride.


DO be a calming influence on the big day

The bride doesn’t want to feel in a rush or be tied up handling calls coordinating suppliers on her wedding morning. Ask for a list of contact numbers and deal with as many queries as you can in her place. Here’s everything you need to know about keeping calm on the big day.


DON’T be late

Nobody but the bride herself is allowed to make the bridal party late for this very important date.


DO take care of the finishing touches

From positioning the bride’s veil to organising the flower girls for their walk down the aisle, the bride will be relying on you.


DON’T upstage the bride

Yes, you look very glamorous and you’d love the photographer to get a shot of you and your other half all dressed up, but remember that it’s not your big day.


DO offer to help the bride

Whether that’s by carrying her lipstick, helping to coordinate the photographs or holding her dress when she nips to the bathroom… Check out these bridesmaids jobs and duties for more ideas.


DON’T get too drunk at the reception

Your formal duties might be finished, but you’re still an important part of your best friend’s big day. She’ll want to dance with you all night long, not be dragging you to the toilet… Make sure you’re on point with these five unspoken rules of being a bridesmaid.


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Are you on the path to being a good bridesmaid or do you have some making up to do?