This genius Ikea bag hack helps brides go the toilet on their wedding day

You’ve dreamt about this day your whole life – lush flowers, beautiful photographs, your partner watching as you float down the isle in an exquisite gown – but I bet hovering over a toilet seat while members of your bridal party hold up your dress wasn’t part of the vision.

Well luckily, one woman has pioneered an incredible hack to save all that awkwardness and gift brides everywhere some much needed privacy in the bathroom. And the best part? It’s virtually free.

In early June inspired bride Tina shared her invention on Facebook, along with instructions for how to make your own and tips for how to use and store it on the day itself. Here’s what to do:

  1. Fold one large Ikea carry bag and cut a hole in the base. Start off small because if it’s too big the bag hack won’t work.
  2. Open the bag out and step inside, with your feet through the hole.
  3. Pull the bag up, allowing your hips to go through the hole (adjust if necessary).
  4. Balance the large straps on your shoulders and you’re ready to go!

On the big day, just step inside the hole and make sure your dress pools above your waist so it sits inside the bag and out of your way.

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This simple but genius Ikea bag hack will save you the fuss and embarrassment of asking for help while you pee. So what are you waiting for? Now on your wedding day you can just share the celebrations with your nearest and dearest – and not the stuff you’d rather keep private!

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