There are two types of people when it comes to marriage proposals; there’s the type of person who says that a proposal should be a private, intimate moment between two people in love that should reflect their time together.

Then there’s other type of person, who says, “Hey, this is a moment. A BIG moment. So let’s make a splash, go all out and do something memorable.” Here are a couple of crazy proposals from the second type of person – take a look at these grand, public proposals!

A Blackpool Tower flashmob

This is a pretty unique flashmob, as the girlfriend in question was dancing along with the crowd!

The groom-to-be is a dance instructor, and is teaching a whole crowd a routine to Marry You by Bruno Mars on the dancefloor at Blackpool Tower. Once the crowd gets the routine sorted and are dancing away happily, his girlfriend Jac (also an instructor) comes up on stage to dance with him and lo and behold, he pops the question – much to her delighted amazement and the shouts and cheers of the crowd. This one takes some confidence and chutzpah but it really works and is emotional in all the right ways!

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A surprise trip to Paris

As Adam says here, “I proposed to my girlfriend using deceit, lies and trickery.” Actually, it was a lot more romantic than it sounds – in fact he had two, rather than one big surprise lined up. The first was that his girlfriend was convinced they were going to New York City for their break, and it wasn’t until they got to the airport and Andy produced her passport and a beret that she discovered that they were actually going to Paris! You can see in the clip just how excited she is by this idea.

Then he sets things up just so he can propose by the Eiffel Tower and film the whole thing – and really takes her by surprise yet again. We’re so impressed by Adam’s pre-planning and this is certainly a story to tell the family!

As if by magic

A proposal should always be magical, but this one might take the cake! Xavier enlisted the help of magician and street performer Justin Flom to help him pop the question in Las Vegas and as you can see from the clip, his girlfriend Cecy really had no idea this was going to happen. She’s completely amazed – in all the right ways!

April Fool’s!

Timing is definitely a key part of planning a proposal. This man took a bit of a chance proposing on April Fool’s Day – his girlfriend’s first response is, “This better not be a joke!”. She doesn’t look convinced until he finally pulls out the ring!

His girlfriend is crazy about dogs and always admired the puppies she saw on their walks together in Central Park, which gave the groom-to-be in question an idea. He got some special little coats made for three puppies professing his love and popped the question that way. Watch the clip and you’ll see the dawning surprise on his girlfriend’s face as she gradually realises what is happening!

Working it out

Proposing to your girlfriend whilst she’s at work isn’t always the best idea – unless she’s a teacher and you can get her cute pupils involved!

That’s the idea this groom-to-be had – he made them all hold up letters spelling out his proposal and briefed them before his girlfriend entered the class.  It’s a really sweet idea, and of course all ends well.

Did your significant other give you a big, public proposal that involved a lot of planning? Tell us by leaving a comment below!