Bespoke jewellery designers Wedding Rings Direct recently opened up their amazing wedding rings workshop in Brighton exclusively to Wedding Ideas – here’s what we learned from the day!

After a welcome drinks reception in the showroom, the group was taken through the fascinating process of making a wedding ring from start to finish.

We also heard lots of expert advice from the team, from choosing the right metal for your wedding ring to choosing the right diamond and selecting the right wedding ring style.

We were then taken on a tour of the on-site workshop where bespoke wedding rings are designed and manufactured using traditional jewellery-making methods – seeing the gorgeous diamonds being hand-set in the rings was a highlight!
Wedding Rings Direct have been creating bespoke rings for over a decade, so they know what they’re talking about! Here’s what you should know if you want to get your ring just right.

Wedding Ring Tips

• Platinum is the most popular choice for wedding and engagement rings due to its hardness, rarity and naturally white sheen that will never fade or change colour.

• Palladium is a more affordable alternative to platinum.

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• Depending on what carat you choose, the colour and hardness of white and yellow gold rings will differ.  2M2K1336

• A fantastic attribute of titanium is that it is hypo-allergenic – keep this in mind if you often react to jewellery.

• When you’re buying a diamond, always bear in mind the 4 Cs: Cut, Colour, Carat and Clarity.

• The diamond cut is often confused with the shape of the diamond, but it’s actually a measure of how diamonds facets interact with light.  Wedding-HighRes-361

• Cut is the only C that is influenced by the human hand – the rest are created naturally as diamonds form in the earth.

• The colour of the diamond is measured on a scale from D to Z. D is colourless, which allows more light to pass through the diamond – this gives it more sparkle.

• Carat is often used as shorthand for the size of a diamond, when it actually refers to the weight – there are average dimensions for each carat size.  Chris and Louise 109

• Clarity is the visual appearance of internal characteristics of a diamond called inclusions and surface defects called blemishes.

To see the beautiful range at Wedding Rings Direct or for more information on their jewellery workshops, visit their website today. Or, if you’re still looking for your special sparkles for the big day, why not take a look at our Wedding Jewellery section for more advice on how to choose your perfect ring – or earrings, or tiara, or bracelet, or headpiece…