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Are you planning a glamorous wedding theme? The new DQ collection from bridal powerhouse Balbier-Wyatt features some show-stopping black bridesmaid dresses that will add instant drama to your day…

Style 2236

This show-stopping collection of prom, bridesmaid and the red carpet dresses is perfect for young, fun fashionistas! We’re particularly loving the black bridesmaid dresses in this latest collection. Mother and daughter design duo Charlotte Balbier and Amanda Wyatt have given a nod to one of 2014’s hottest wedding themes, 1920s, by including these dramatic dresses just in time for the new year.

Style 2235

But if you want a more vibrant look, their are some stunning shades here, too. Style 2228 and style 2231 would both be perfect for a wedding abroad, while style 2227 lets you make your bridesmaid dresses your ‘something blue’!

Styles 2226 and 2235

The DQ collection is recognised industry-wide for its exceptional fit and attention to detail, so your girls are guaranteed to feel special in these gowns. With a plethora of designs, colours, lengths and fabrics to choose from, your girls will be spoiled for choice.

Style 2239S

From short flirty numbers to boho style, floor-length gowns, these dresses will make your girls look and feel their best on the big day. For more glamorous wedding ideas, take a look at our Themes section now, or scroll down to see more of these show-stopping new designs…

DQ collection from Balbier-Wyatt

Style 2228
Style 2232
Style 2228
Style 2238
Style 2231
Styles 2233 and 2234


  1. Cos different people have different tastes Louisa Wright I personally wouldn’t choose purple as it’s such a popular choice. I opted for navy blue and ivory looked gorgeous and very elegant. What some people like others don’t. You plan your wedding to suit Your tastes no one else’s. 🙂

  2. Personally I love the black and white theme and that’s why I chose it, colour schemes are a personal choice and I would never suggest that anyone’s choice is bad! My bridesmaids can wear their black dresses again if they choose to so nice for them too.

  3. I’m having black and ivory for my colours … I wanted to dress my bridesmaids in black but mum and mum in law put their foot down and said no as they are only little bridesmaids … All will be under 11yrs … So I have gone with black accesories for them with ivory dresses … Everyone I’ve spoken to has said its elegant and classy….


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