Today we thought we’d feature a stunning real-life Ibiza wedding, captured by the fabulous Gypsy Westwood (who’s lucky enough to be based on the White Isle)! Gary and Nikki got married at Elixir Shore, a beach club on the island in September 2013. We asked the couple all about their day, and what their tips were for brides-to-be planning weddings abroad – read on to hear what they had to say!

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Why did you decide to get married in Ibiza?

“We had always been keen on the idea of getting married abroad,” Nikki explains. “Initially we were thinking about Mexico, but when it boiled down to it, the flight time was too long for the couples who had babies (not to mention my mum was petrified of flying!), and all the hotels we liked were adults only. Also, when I started to do my research, I found that everything was packaged A, B or C with no real opportunity to tailor anything to our own tastes.

“After more research on ‘weddings abroad’, I came across a company called Eat Ibiza. Ibiza had always appealed to me as I had heard about the beautiful sunset bars and chilled out beaches, not to mention the amazing tapas, so this really caught my interest.

“When I looked at all the weddings Eat Ibiza had organised, I could hand-on-heart say that I would have been happy with any of them for my own wedding.  I got in touch with Vicki, the organiser, and she sent me lots of information. We decided to go and see everything for ourselves, and three months later we flew out to Ibiza to go and look at possible venues, as well as view some villas. Everything about the island surpassed my expectations.

“Even though Elixir Shore had closed for the winter season and all the chairs and tables had been put away, the moment we stepped foot into the venue with beautiful views of the private beach and coastline – as well as the luxury vintage feel of the place with the chandeliers and the gorgeous Chesterfield chairs – we knew this would be where we would finally become husband and wife.”

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Where did you find your dress?

“I found my dress at a shop in Southwell called The White Room, which was the second wedding dress shop I visited.  I was only popping in to have a look at the type of dresses it stocked, and it was the second dress I laid eyes on.  I tried on the sample in the shop and decided there and then it was the one for me.  The dress is called Juno by Augusta Jones – I also decided on a tiara and cathedral length veil, and I traded the belt in for a crystallised one that matched my tiara perfectly.  Leanne, the owner, was fantastic and gave me great advice and suggestions.  I would definitely recommend that brides in the East Midlands pay her a visit!”

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

“We’re still planning our big honeymoon, which we’ll be having in 2014.  But after a week with our friends and family at the villa on Ibiza, we did stay for a few extra days for a little minimoon.  We travelled north of the island and stayed in a beautiful boutique hotel called the Giri Residence. Nothing was too much trouble and instead of a menu, you could tell the chef the type of food you liked. Later that day, they would go shopping for your ingredients and would prepare the most delicious dishes, based on the ideas you’d given them earlier in the day.”

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How many wedding guests did you have?

“We had a total of 21 – three of them were children and the rest were adults.”

Where did everyone stay?

“The majority stayed at the villa with Gary and me. The place was called GaGa Hills, which was fitting because I am known as GaGa amongst my group of friends due to my expensive tastes, and love of all things luxurious!  The villa had six rooms, a gorgeous swimming pool and five chill-out areas so you never felt on top of one another.”

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What sort of atmosphere did you want at your wedding and how did you achieve it?

“We wanted a really romantic and magical feel to our day – I saw it as a bit of a modern spin on A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Using pretty white butterfly lanterns, love hearts and love signs helped capture this feeling.  We had edible butterflies on the dessert table, but on the main table we had beautiful white and purple butterflies to compliment the lanterns, which looked stunning when the sun started to set.

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We also had a beautiful tree that we decorated in the reception area with love hearts, big silver butterflies and bunting with our names on it that we had made from Not On The High Street.  This, along with the big silver LOVE sign and the purple pom poms just made the reception area look amazing –  we couldn’t have been any happier with it!  The fans we had as favours were an absolute godsend, and I would recommend them to anyone getting married somewhere warm.”

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  1. My sister got married abroad in Italy. It was their choice to do that n I wanted to be there (especially as I was the only bridesmaid) so I paid it. 30 close friends and family joined too so they obviously didn’t mind either. There was a reception the week after we got back in the uk too for all those that couldn’t make the real thing 🙂

  2. We had our wedding in Cyprus and asked our family and friends to come over. And people did. Hubbys brother and his wife came from new zealand, my brother from netherlands and my sister and best friend from lithuania 🙂 and hubbies parents, sister and friends from uk 🙂 we had small wedding but it was worthwhile! If we could do it again definitely it would be overseas! And we had a party back home too 🙂


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