To marry abroad, or not to marry abroad – that is the question. With 1 in 5 couples now heading overseas to tie the knot, according to recent research by MINTEL, we’re thinking about the pros and cons of getting married abroad.


The drowned rat, or windswept look on your wedding day is something brides try to avoid, so really it’s no wonder that couples are venturing overseas. When you’re planning a dream wedding abroad, the world is your oyster; your imagination and budget are your only limits.

Rather than inviting everyone you’ve ever met, getting married abroad tends to be more about intimate celebrations – less guests means less money. However, you may face the problem of disappointment from family or friends being unable to afford, or take the time off to come abroad.

Generally, getting married abroad is cheaper than the average British wedding. Most oversea wedding plans are done with set-priced packages meaning less scope for overspending. Celebrating in an unusual or exotic location will certainly make it a wedding to remember. And at a cheaper price – why not?

Also, letting trusted travel companies take on the time and effort to organise your wedding to the way you want it, gives you time to relax and focus on dress shopping or honeymoon plans. No one wants that wedding preparation stress.

Although, the idea of your own wedding in someone else’s hands, other than yours, can be a worrying experience, some brides take on all the work themselves. This should not be for the faint-hearted, though! Problems can arise from the distance and language barriers between you and the suppliers, organisation and thorough research is necessary.

Are you planning on getting married abroad or is home good enough for you? What made you decide? How are you finding the planning experience?


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