As spotted at the Vera Wang and Jenny Packham catwalk shows, bridal hair for 2016 is loose and ethereal – a sharp-contrast from 2015’s refined and perfectly polished looks. Inspired by this shift towards softer styling, Great Lengths’ latest bridal hair tutorials are designed to appeal to today’s bohemian brides.

As the first of three effortless styles to look out for by Great Lengths, the milkmaid braids were created on a model wearing Great Lengths’ 100% human hair extensions, to enhance length, volume and colour. The milkmaid braids look shows a softer-side to traditional hair-up.

milkmaidbraidsYou Will Need

• Paddle brush
• Finishing spray like I.C.O.N. Done
• Backcombing brush
• Bobby pins
• Clear hair bands


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Verity is wearing 100x Great Lengths hair extensions (50cm length) in shades ‘Cinnamon Dream’ (84), ‘Champagne Twist’ (10) and ‘Ash Beautiful’ (23).

Before styling, Verity’s hair was washed, dried and prepped with a loose curl as a base texture.


milkmaid braidsstep1

Step One

Brush the hair thoroughly and create a centre parting. Now section the hair in front of the ears – leave this to fall loose for now.

Starting on one side, begin a French braid at the section line. When you reach the nape, plait down the lengths of the hair using a classic three strand technique, but pulling the hair under rather than over (this gives you a chunkier plait). Leave a few inches loose at the ends and secure with a clear band. Mist with I.C.O.N. Done for hold.

milkmaid braidsstep4

Step Two

Repeat this process on the other side then mist again with I.C.O.N. Done for hold.

milkmaid braidsstep5

Step Three

Tease the braids from the roots, right down to the lengths. You want to tease the hair out sideways as this will help the plait to look wider. Mist with I.C.O.N Done as you work.

milkmaid braidsstep6

Step Four

Next, take the braids and cross these over at the nape. Then, take one plait and begin to place it against the head – add as you move up and around, to secure in place. When you get to the ends, double back on yourself then tuck these under to hide.

milkmaid braidstepfivejpg

Step Five

Repeat with the second braid, checking that placement is equal/at the same height on both sides. When all the hair is pinned up, check that you are happy – you may wish to add additional pins at the front and tease for a softer finish With the loose hair at the front, sweep this back on each side, and pin behind the ears, allowing the ends to fall down.

Finished Look

The finished look is a sought-after milkmaid braids style – perfect for weddings, a prom or a festival!

milkmaid braids finished

A Great Lengths ‘Get the Look’ Step by Step

Hair | Joseph Smith and Amanda Jackson for Great Lengths
Model | Verity Brook
Hair accessories by Lou Lou Puchalka
Makeup | Anna Stephenson
Photography | Alex Honegger for TK