Every bride wants to look and feel fabulous on her wedding day. The Lemon Detox is a quick and easy body overhaul, providing the ultimate cleanse whilst shedding those few unwanted pounds. It keeps hunger at bay with its nutrient-rich good replacement formula whilst improving energy levels – making sure you feel 100% on your special day!

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There are a number of different ways to follow the detox, depending on what fits in best with you – perfect for busy brides planning their wedding day! You can do a full fast for 7 days, a relaxed approach where you swap a meal a day for the formula, or combine the detox with the 5:2 approach and drink 6-8 glasses on your fast days to provide you with 500 calories.

The benefits of fasting are well recognised (weight loss, increased vitality, improved skin and digestion, a way to break bad eating habits and normalise eating habits) and have appealed to celebrities such as Beyoncé and Anna Friel, who’ve all enjoyed the benefits of the Lemon Detox.

Rebecca Howe, 31,  found her weight creeping up until she reached 10 stone 8lbs. As her wedding day got closer, she decided to follow the Lemon Detox – she is now 8 stone 3lbs. Rebecca shared her experience with us:

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“I had never had any issues with my weight until a few years ago, when my work as an accountant started to become really busy and I began eating on the go. Rather than go home and cook a healthy meal, I was living on fast food and ready meals and often would skip meals and therefore be so hungry, I would over eat at the next one.”

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“I met my now husband when I was 22 and when he proposed a couple of years ago, I was ecstatic and began to imagine my wedding day. Finally we set a date for this summer but as it got closer, and life became even busier than it was before, my weight continued to go up. One day, around 6 months before my wedding day, I looked in the mirror and knew I had to address it and fast.

“A friend had told me about the Lemon Detox and how it had helped not only to shift weight but also to re-programme bad habits. I knew that if I could reset my eating habits, the weight would probably come off and stay off. 

“I began with a full fast for 5 days, which I was told would help to kick start the weight loss process whilst giving my body a break from digesting food. The first few days were tough but not as difficult as I had anticipated. The only issue I found was in the evening, I was so tired, I just wanted to go to bed! I lost 7 lbs in 5 days and felt really amazing.”

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“I then switched to the relaxed programme, which I followed during the week for a period of 4 months. Here, I made sure I ate a healthy breakfast and lunch and simply replaced my evening meal with the detox formula during the week and ate normally at weekends. With my busy lifestyle, this suited me perfectly anyway. And I loved the fact that the formula has lots of nutrients in it so I was effectively consuming liquid food!

“By my wedding day, I had lost nearly 2 and half stone and had never felt better. My skin had improved dramatically. Before the detox, my skin would often break out in spots if I was particularly stressed, my energy levels felt so much better and I had more clarity. Considering the build up to my wedding and the stress of organising it, I felt great. Without the detox, I wonder how my body would have coped.”

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