The following makeup tips will help brides ensure picture-perfect skin on their special day so they can concentrate on getting the perfect wedding pictures…


  • The key to radiant wedding-day skin is to cleanse morning and night. Residue make up, grime and pollution can cause blackheads, congested skin, open pores, dryness, flakiness and discolouration, leaving you with dull, lifeless looking skin. Not only that, if you don’t keep your skin clean, then the creams and moisturisers that you have purchased may not be as effective.
  • A good quality facial moisturiser with a minimum SPF of 30 is essential for your big day (even if the sun is hidden behind the clouds). A sunburnt bride with red skin is never a good look in wedding photos. Don’t forget your arms and shoulders if your dress is strapless and sleeveless!
  • Pre-wedding stress can lead to last-minute break-outs. Avoid the natural reaction to panic and pop some Savlon cream over the affected area (it really does help!). The biggest mistake that we make when covering up spots is to layer too much product over it. This actually has the opposite desired effect as the product aggravates the spot and actually makes it appear more prominent than it is. If you are applying your own wedding make up then cover any wedding-day blemishes with a tiny layer of Savlon. Then, get a green concealer and put a fine layer over the red area. Finally, cover with a cream concealer and powder lightly over.
  • The most important thing for every bride that I’ve ever worked with is that they look like themselves and that their groom recognises them on their big day! Therefore, when considering your make up look don’t try and steer to far away from your day-to-day look. Your wedding day make-up look will very much depend on how much product you normally wear, your outfit and even the time of year in which you get married. Make up tip: Your chosen hairstyle will also play a part to your overall look so ensure that you take this into consideration when choosing your make up.


  • Apply your make up in the best possible light, ideally by a window. If there’s no natural light in your room then ensure that you have a lamp that you can sit by. Remove the shade if possible as it will illuminate your face and ensure that your make up looks flawless in any light.
  • A good quality foundation is key to achieving a flawless base, so invest wisely! If you can get away with it then apply a light foundation or tinted moisturiser by using a sponge for sparse coverage so that it evens out your skin tone without making your face appear too matte. As long as your skin is in reasonable condition don’t cover your entire face like a mask; just apply it when you need coverage. Make up tip: For a longer lasting finish always apply primer first to seal in moisturiser and provide a smooth surface for application. It’s equally as important to find a good colour match. One slightly darker and one slightly than your skin is also good as then you are covered for a healthy summer glow and a pale winter sparkle.
  • Neatly groomed eye brows are a wedding day must for both bride and groom and add a simplistic air of sophistication to your bridal glamour. Be careful not to get tweezer happy as an overplucked pair of brows is just as unappealing as an over-grown pair! Although your wedding is a joyous occasion, expect there to be happy tears along the way. Make up tip: Use waterproof make up, it will be your best friend on the day and ensure your make up stays put.
  • Your guests and wedding photographer will use flash photography. Ensure that you reduce shine by wearing a translucent face powder.
  • Your hands will also be a focal point on your wedding day, so ensure that they are perfectly polished. Don’t try and be too adventurous, a simple polish in a natural shade or classic French Manicure will suffice.
  • Do a deep hair conditioning treatment once a week or once a fortnight in the run-up to the wedding. Make it a calming experience, apply conditioner, wrap your hair in cling film and relax with a glass of wine.

Thanks to Bindis and Tiaras for these fab tips.

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