We caught up with The Bridal Coach, Michele Paradise, and chatted about how you can copy a supermodel’s camera style and look amazing in your wedding photographs.


Michele trains models, actors and presenters and has worked at most of the top modelling agencies in London. She’s also appeared on several TV programmes, including…

  • Britain’s Next Top Model
  • Model Behaviour
  • Make Me A Supermodel
  • ASBO Teen to Beauty Queen
  • Britain’s Missing Top Model
  • BBC Clothes Show

So what does Michele have to say about your wedding day posture? Here are her top tips to help you look your best and keep you walking tall…

Picture perfect posture

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“In my world, good posture is everything and without it, clothes don’t look good. When designers start making clothes, they work with a dressmaker’s dummy and of course their posture is perfect, so clothes are made to be worn with great posture, so they drape better.”

Instant ageing

“If you have bad posture, it ruins the line of the dress and more importantly it makes you look old. Bad posture is one of the most ageing things for a man or woman, where as good posture makes you look younger, thinner and more confident.”

“Bad posture ruins so many wedding photographs and it’s one of the easiest things to fix. Practise standing up straight by holding a broom handle between your shoulder blades and pulling in your core muscles. Tummy in, chest out, ladies!”


Find the right angles

“White is a very unforgiving colour, which is why so many women wear black. It actually creates a halo effect and makes you look bigger.”

“The best way to change this is to stand at an angle. If you stand with both feet side by side and your arms are stuck to your side, you will end up looking like a meringue and this definitely not a good look!”

“So, stand at a three-quarter angle and put the heel of your front foot in the arch of the back foot. This will create a T shape and this will give the body shape and movement. It will also help you move easier because you can pivot on your feet instead of being planted on the ground.”


Relax in front of the camera

“Although you’ve booked a professional wedding photographer, you might end up looking better in photographs that your friends snap because you’re more at ease with them. So relax, drop your shoulders and breathe naturally when the formal shots are being taken.”


Bouquet blocking

“Although you’re sure to have a beautiful wedding bouquet, don’t let it spoil the effect of your dress.”

“Hold it down and to the side in the photographs, but not right in front of you. Too far down and you’ll look round shouldered, too high and you’ll look tense. Also, if you hold it right in front of you, you’ll probably hide the beautiful bodice detailing on your wedding dress.”


Final touches

“Finally, don’t forget to smile! You’re marrying the man of your dreams and this is going to be one of the happiest days of your life!”

You can visit Michele’s site and download a free copy of her 30-minute film full of hints and tips for brides at thebridalcoach.co.uk