Getting the perfect bridal hair starts with a thorough consultation with your hairdresser as top UK hairstylist Vicki Lord explains…

perfect-bridal-hair-vicki-lordTake as many pictures as possible of your dress, veils and hair accessories to the consultation. It is imperative that your hairdresser fully understands how you want to look on your special day so the more information you can provide the better.

A good bridal hairdresser will always take into consideration your face shape, hair texture, your height, your best features and the design of your dress before deciding on a hairstyle best suited to you and your hair. For example, if you have a full dress I would advise you to wear your hair up, especially if you are petite. Hair up with as much volume at the crown as possible will give the impression of height and present an elongated and elegant look to the neck, automatically giving the illusion that you are taller.

Your hairdresser should advise you and give you the option to wear clip-in extensions or hair pieces as this will add extra volume and help give your stylist a lot more hair to play with. I personally use and recommend Balmain hair pieces – they look so natural in the hair and are extremely reasonably priced. Don’t be fooled, most celebrity’s on the red carpet will have some form of hair extensions or a hairpiece in their hair to add the extra wow factor.

You should ensure that you are 100% happy with your hair at your trial. If there is anything that you are uncertain of you must tell your hairdresser there and then so they are able to adapt your hairstyle, ensuring you will both be completely happy with the end result on your big day. Your hairstyle is just important as your wedding dress!

Finally you should clearly set out time schedules for the actual wedding day with your hairdresser, particularly if they are styling your hair as well as other members of the wedding party. I always ensure I arrive promptly, at least half an hour early on the wedding day itself.

How to create… A classic high chignon

The High Chignon is one of the most beautiful, classic bridal hairstyles around. The high bun is best suited to long hair although if you have shorter hair you could use a ponytail hairpiece to help create the famous 1960s look. Here, one of the UK’s top hairstylists and National Wedding Award nominee Vicki Lord shows you how to create this elegant look for your own big day.


What you’ll need

  • Hair straighteners
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Tail comb
  • Elastic band, kirby grips and fine hair pins
  • Hairspray and serum


  1. Straighten your hair to smooth the hair cuticles down and give the hair a nice shine.
  2. Tip your head upside down brush hair and tie with hair band into a secure ponytail in between your occipital bone and your crown area.
  3. Now tip your head back up right, smooth out any stray hairs using serum.
  4. Backcomb the underneath side of the pony tail, keeping the  top side nice and smooth now tip the ponytail over the front of your head keeping it central.
  5. To create the Chignon bun you will need to apply Kirby grips in a horizontal line just in front of your pony tail base about 2-3 cms away . Start from one side of the ponytail to the other griping the tail down securely to your head.
  6. Now with the remains of the ponytail tuck the end under and roll the hair back towards the base of pony tail to create a nice smooth chignon bun.
  7. Fan the Chignon out slightly then secure with pins at the side, base of the Chignon and spray with hair spray to set.
  8. Now place your desired hair accessory to complete this stunning and timeless hairstyle.

Top Tip

To prepare your hair it is always best to wash your hair the night before because if the hair is too clean it makes it slippery to work with.

About Vicki Lord

Vicki Lord is a session stylist with over 23 years experience, specialising in bespoke bridal hair dressing and session styling. Vicki trained at the world-renowned Vidal Sassoon salon in Covent Garden and has since established her own successful freelance business in London and the South East. In 2005, she became a part-time Educator with leading hair extension company Balmain, where she taught the application of hair extensions. She is now considered to be one of the most influential hair stylists in Britain and has just been nominated for the National Wedding Awards 2013. See more at Vicki Lord.

Photography by Tim Stubbings, Make-up by Emily Rose


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