watch-the-video-below-buttonSo you’ve decided to have a winter wedding. That gives you lots of options that aren’t available to a standard summer bride, so you should really make the most of them.

The choices you could make are perfectly illustrated by the thought that bride Juliette put into her Christmas wedding. She really made the time of year work for her, thinking about what made it special and unique and using those touches to make it perfectly seasonal.

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She married on 29th December and as luck would have it, she had a snowy winter wedding which made a very pretty Somerset village look even more like a picture postcard. It all sounds very romantic…

The weather was bright, with dazzling blue skies, but bitterly cold. It was the very best sort of winter day.

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Juliette married in an old stone church and arrived with her bridesmaids wrapped up against the cold in winter wraps. She wore a white fluffy wrap sourced from her bridal shop Ellie Sanderson in Beaconsfield (Ellie is a great fan of wraps and shrugs and has a fabulous selection). Her bridesmaids had coloured wraps that complemented their dresses. A cloak or wrap is essential if you’re marrying on a cold day, particularly if you’re wearing a strapless dress. In fact we think white or coloured gloves would be a fabulous accessory to complete the look. Don’t feel you have to have a cream or white wrap, either – we think deep plum, a forest green or a ruby red would also look wonderful with a traditional white or cream wedding dress.

The crystals stitched into the bodice and skirt of Juliette’s dress reflected the sparkles of the ice and snow outside. The bride also guarded against slipping by wearing a pair of wedding wellies as she walked to the church through the snowy village streets with smiling locals waving her along. She then slipped into her dainty Rainbow Club shoes before she walked down the aisle to meet her groom.

The bride’s bouquet was a feast of winter berries and blooms, with fragrant white roses. No holly though, too prickly to hold!

At the service, Juliette had chosen Christmas carols, which were a great success. Most people know the words to the most popular Christmas carols and everybody enjoys singing them at this festive time of year, particularly young children. It was an inspired decision and the church was filled with happy voices.

Transport details

Although Juliette didn’t have any trouble being driven to her reception in the planned limousine, it’s always worth having a back-up plan and having a 4×4 to hand or a tractor in case the roads are blocked. Keep an eye on the weather forecast in the days leading up to your wedding and make emergency contingency plans,  just in case.

We’d also advise you get wedding insurance if you’re planning a winter wedding, just in case anything dramatic happens and the venue has to close.

Seasonal details

The winter season was celebrated to the full with the floral decorations that decorated the marquee. Six huge balls of mistletoe (for Christmas kisses!) with accents of holly and trailing ivy, hung from the roof of the marquee, bringing the outdoors in. The giant baubles made the marquee look breathtakingly spectacular when the guests arrived.

Fairy lights were festooned around the marquee and the exterior of the barn, making guests really feel like they were walking into a winter wonderland.

As the guests made their way inside, stamping their feet to keep out the cold, they were handed a comforting glass of mulled wine, which was well received and warmed cold hands. It got the party started perfectly as guests caught up with old family and friends, exchanged gossip and commented on how lovely the bride looked.

christmas wedding ideas

Christmas-style table centres

What should you have as a centrepiece at a December wedding? Yes, a Christmas tree! Juliette had mini versions, decorated with coloured lights, on every table and each table had a different colour theme.

An all-white table can look spectacular at a winter wedding. Use white fairylights, white candles, flowers and napkins and if you want to add a bit of sparkle, sprinkle crystals on the table.

Making the best of the weather

Whilst a snowy winter day looks beautiful, it can cause travel problems for some people and some of Juliette’s guests were snowed in and couldn’t attend, whilst others suffered cancelled train services which meant they had to miss the wedding.

Rather than let food go to waste, Juliette threw the wedding open to more guests, inviting local friends of her parents who weren’t in the slightest bit put out to be asked to join in at the last minute!

Remember, a winter wedding isn’t a summer wedding. So embrace the difference and go for some really different features to make sure your big day stands out!

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