Think bridal beauty means boring makeup? Think again! Brides are getting more and more adventurous with their big day beauty, with glamorous eye makeup, bright lips and more! We asked some of our favourite beauty experts on the hottest bridal beauty trends of 2014 – here’s what they had to say!

Perfected skin

These days, brides are wising up to the importance of having a great pre-wedding skincare regime in place. After all, no matter how much expensive foundation you use, your makeup will always look better on properly prepped, clear skin. There’s no quick fix here, ladies – complexion perfection can take some hard work! We always recommend investing in great products that are the right match for you, so why not visit your local department store beauty counter and ask for a skincare consultation? That way you’ll know exactly which ingredients to look out for in your regime.

“This year I’ve noticed a definite trend for brides focussing on their skin care and the importance of beautiful, clear, glowing skin,” agrees Arabella Preston, a London-based makeup artist and brand ambassador for Pond’s Institute. ” It’s the basis of all great wedding make-up. I always start a wedding prep with a Pond’s Institute Cold Cream hot cloth cleanse. It leaves the skin clear, glowing and lovely and soft as the hot cloth provides a gentle exfoliation.”


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This is one of the most popular bridal beauty trends of recent years, and it already looks set to be huge in 2014. Even brides who aren’t having a vintage or retro theme wedding are loving the classic winged eyeliner and red lip combo, as it’s universally flattering and highlights your best features. “I’ve definitely had more request for vintage styles this year,” says makeup artist Candice Fuller. “I tend to go with a heavy eye liner and bright lip.”

There are two keys to perfecting this look: getting the right shade of lipstick and choosing a good foundation. To pick the best red lipstick for you, it’s important to take note of your skintone – as a rule, fairer skins with cool pink undertones will suit a vibrant, blue-based red, whereas olive and darker skins with warm yellow undertones look best in tomato shades. If you’re stuck, just ask a representative at a makeup counter to find you a true red (i.e. one with equal blue and yellow tones) and you should look fabulous!

When it comes to skin, the experts recommend pairing this look with a perfected but natural base. “The modern way to wear vintage-inspired makeup is to choose a foundation that still looks like skin,” says Aimee of professional bridal makeup artist agency Beauty Call. “Pick a dewy, natural-looking base for a more flattering look on the day.”

Clever contouring

Ever wondered why Kim Kardashian looks so amazing in photos? Her secret – other than beautiful genes, of course – is contouring!

“With all the new photo filters on Instagram and tutorials on Youtube, everyone’s big on contouring these days,” says Emma Harper of Pokadot Hair and Makeup Styling. “We’ve all been doing it for years, but now brides know what to ask for!” The key to contouring is using products that are several shades darker and lighter than your skin to subtly create a more defined face shape – we recommend using liquid foundations and concealers rather than powder, as they’ll be easier to blend. If you’re trying this look at home, make sure that you have some great quality makeup brushes to hand, such as the Real Techniques range.

Full brows

Put the tweezers down! In what we’re calling ‘the Cara effect’, more and more 2014 brides are copying Miss Delevigne and choosing to embrace their natural brows for the big day. Eyebrows are often neglected when thinking about wedding day beauty, but a well groomed, filled-in brow can help frame your face in photographs and make the rest of your features pop.

“The ‘Cara’ brow phenomenon has definitely fed down to the bridal market,” agrees Arabella Preston. “While brides might not go for such a strong look, it has definitely highlighted the importance of a beautifully defined arch and how a groomed eyebrow can really pull a look together. I like long-lasting formulas like Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Stay in Place Brow Lift Duo.

Bright lips

Are your lips your best feature? Then emphasize them with a stunning pop of bright colour! This is definitely a trend for fashionista brides, as it instantly updates a simple wedding dress and makes your look more modern. Whether you choose a neon red, hot pink or bright coral, just keep the rest of your look relatively low-key to avoid looking overdone. Neutral eyeshadows, a few individual lashes and an ultra-thin flick of eyeliner is all you need!

If you love the look but you’re too scared to wear it yourself, then why not consider asking your bridesmaids if they’re game to try it? “Neon lips are great for fashion-forward maids, and they look especially fab with navy dresses!” advises Nicky, founder of Beauty Call.

For more bridal beauty inspiration, visit our Pinterest board – or take a look at our Wedding Hair and Makeup section for more tips and tricks!