Personal trainer to the stars, Matt Roberts is here to help you get fit for your wedding day. If you’re worried about feeling puffed out wearing that heavy dress fear not!


Recruit a wedding workout buddy

Training with a friend will help you to stay motivated, and a bit of 
healthy competition can 
help you push yourself a bit harder.

Do the plank

For a classic hourglass figure, activate your body’s natural corset with plank exercises: lie on your stomach, with your elbows on the floor, shoulder width apart. Lift your hip bones up from the floor and pull in your belly button, then breathe and hold for 10-30 seconds.

Keep track of your efforts to get fit for your wedding

To make sure you don’t lose track trying to get fit for your wedding day, keep a log of your efforts and results will really help you stay motivated. Book your wedding workouts in your diary – treat them as a meeting that can’t be missed and you’ll be more likely to stick to your programme.

Walk with water

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To target upper back and décolletage, think about posture and make sure you do plenty of cardio to burn unwanted body fat. Power walking while holding two water bottles is an easy way to burn calories and tone up fast. Plus it’s free!

Get some tunes

Load your iPod with some great music. I recommend The Workout Mix 2012 – three CDs of music mixed specifically for working out, using the correct speed and intensity required to keep you motivated 
for longer.

Mix it up

If you get bored easily, it’s important to vary your training every four to six weeks. This will not only make sure you keep challenging your body, but it also means that you won’t get bored when trying to get fit for your wedding. Try adding a new activity such as cycling or swimming. Mix up your cardio workouts with some intervals or hill sprints, or try a new type of exercise class.

Banish the muffin top

The best way to get rid of your ‘muffin top’ and get fit for your wedding day is by following a good diet and exercise programme. Depending on your fitness level, try to build up to incorporating resistance training two to three times a week. Try two cardio interval sessions mixing high and low intensity, as well as a steady pace cardio session.

Keep your curves

To lose weight for your wedding day but keep curves in the right places, include cardio interval training to burn body fat and regular resistance training to tone your muscles, so you can develop the shape you want to achieve.

Lose the bingo wings

Banishing bingo wings is the top request from b2bs. Tricep dips can be done anywhere, any time – all you need is a step. Sit on the edge of the step, keep your knees bent and your hands at either side of you with your fingers pointing forwards. Now lift your bottom off the step as you bend and straighten through the elbow. Repeat this 10-20 times.

Piece of cake

To tone your upper body and get fit for your wedding, press-ups are fantastic: kneel on the floor with your hands, shoulder width and knees hip width apart, lower your chest to the floor and push back up. Focus on the squeezing through the chest. Repeat this 10-20 times.