Your wedding day is full of joy, love and plenty of photographs! So get that picture-perfect smile and shine with Beverly Hills Formula!

The stress of planning a wedding can sometimes get on top of us. We are so busy arranging everything else that we may forget a vital element of our big day look… our teeth. If you find the big day is fast approaching with little time left to pamper, don’t worry! You can achieve a Hollywood-looking smile in just five minutes with Perfect White and Perfect White Sensitive.

wedding day smile

Perfect White and Perfect White Sensitive Formula both help protect and maintain that all-important smile by combating bad breath, tartar build up, stains and debris to help prevent gum disease. The range of toothpastes offers a more affordable way to restore the natural whiteness of your teeth, and keep your breath fresher for longer. The Beverly Hills range of toothpastes are proven to be less abrasive than many regular teeth whitening toothpaste brands, so are kinder to your teeth and suitable for everyday use.

Favoured by the stars, you too can get a picture-perfect smile! So get ready to flash your pearly whites with these pre-wedding day grooming tips from Beverly Hills Formula toothpastes…

Detox your teeth

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Water is vital for a healthy body and skin. By drinking eight glasses per day, you will notice a positive difference inside and out. So get your eyes and teeth sparkling!

Forever young

Did you know that whiter teeth can make you look younger? So get them in tip-top condition and feel ‘forever young’ as you and your beloved newlywed dance the night away!

Sun kissed

Now, we are not saying orange is the key look for your big day but sun-kissed skin makes teeth look whiter. So be safe with a sunless spray tan and see your skin and teeth shine!

Lovely lippy

Consider using a blue-based red lipstick which will make your teeth appear whiter. Another trick is to use red food colouring and spread across your gums – make-up artists swear by it!

Hollywood smile

The finishing touch to the big day smile is Beverly Hills Formula! You will achieve a whiter, cleaner smile after just five minutes a day and continued

beverly hills perfect white toothpaste

Perfect White and Perfect White Sensitive toothpastes are enriched with key ingredients such as advanced Hydrated Silica, which offers high performance whitening enhancement, whilst the stain dissolvent agent Pentasodium Triphosphate prevents food particles from settling on your teeth. Perfect White also provides a protective coating of Tetrasodium Pyrophosate, which is an extra stain removal anti-tartar ingredient and Triclosan which kills plaque-forming bacteria. If you suffer from sensitive teeth, the Perfect White Sensitive offers you all the benefits of Perfect White but with the added assistance of Potassium Citrate, for immediate sensitivity relief.

Whether you have sensitive teeth, suffer from bad breath or tartar build up, Beverly Hills Formula have a product to suit you! Perfect White and Perfect White Sensitive toothpastes offer professional tooth whitening results; leaving your teeth lighter, whiter, and brighter for longer. So enjoy your special day and smile with confidence with Beverly Hills Formula!

Beverly Hills Formula offer a complete money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results. RRP £3.99, available from Superdrug.

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