We caught up with British bridal designer Phillipa Lepley to get her top dress shopping tips, and to hear about an amazing offer she has for brides this November…

To celebrate her 25th anniversary, top UK bridal designer Phillipa Lepley has teamed up with fashion illustrator, Jane Hartley, to bring brides a unique opportunity. She will be offering complimentary Jane Hartley wedding dress illustrations to anyone who places a wedding dress order with her throughout November.

dress-illustrations-Phillipa 25th anniversary

But it’s not just any wedding dress illustration – it will be an illustration of the bride wearing her gown. It will be done at final fitting, and will capture the completed dress in a beautiful illustration that the bride can treasure forever.

dress-illustrations-10th anniversary[5]

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We absolutely love this idea – what a stunning souvenir idea for the bride to have! We’ve got more keepsake ideas here too. To find out more see the Phillipa Lepley website now or call the team on 020 7590 9771.

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And before you set off on your hunt for ‘the one’, read some of Phillipa’s top wedding dress shopping tips…

Work out a budget

There’s not just the dress to think about… there’s the shoes, the accessories and the lingerie too. Brides often ask me what they should splurge and save on, and I always say to them that if the dress is perfectly fitted, people won’t be looking anywhere else!

Go it alone

When you come with other people everybody has their own opinion, and although they are trying to help, it can be confusing. I always advise coming to the first appointment on your own. If you’re having a couture dress made there will be many more opportunities to invite your bridesmaids or family along to fittings once the dress has been chosen.

Follow your instincts

You will know when you have found the dress, so don’t panic and go with your instincts. I always say that it’s a nice problem if you like a few totally different dress – just keep coming back and drilling down until everything is apparent! You will get it right.

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For more top tips when it comes to shopping for that special dress, whether it’s yours or your bridesmaids, we’re here to help. Don’t commit these wedding dress shopping mistakes