While we love fashion as much as the next girl, we think that a classic look is generally best when you tie the knot. It won’t date in your pictures and the look is always timeless.

You’ll be glowing with happiness on your wedding day, which is certain to make you look your prettiest, but you’ll also be wanting to accentuate your best features with expert make-up and have your best-ever complexion. That’s why we’ve asked some top beauty experts for their hints and tips on classic bridal beauty and how to achieve it.


Benefit‘s head make-up artist Lisa Potter-Dixon recommends the following tips for achieving the perfect bridal look…

Flawless skin

A natural make-up look must always start with a flawless looking base. Firstly, your foundation must match your skin tone, perhaps an obvious statement but picking the perfect shade can be tough. Your base should look like a second skin rather than a mask (we offer a colour matching service to help with this). Once you have the right foundation pick a soft toned blusher. Corals are best for weddings as the natural pink from your cheeks will be out in full force due to your excitement and nerves; therefore corals will help you avoid the dreaded ‘doll’ look.

Watch your brows

Plucking your own eyebrows can be a bit risky as taking out just one wrong hair can ruin the shape. I recommend going to see a pro! You can pop into any of our Brow bars for a consultation and achieve the perfect shape for you and your big day.


A flush of excitement

Red flushes can appear out of nowhere when you’re nervous and excited! The biggest mistake a bride can make when trying to cover the redness is to apply too much make-up. The best bet is to pat a concealer over your foundation onto the necessary areas. Also, avoid red blushers if you’re prone to flushes, try a coral shade instead. One top tip is to apply a touch of concealer to your ears as well as they also tend to go red when nervous!

In case of emergencies…

We always recommend having an emergency touching up make-up kit close to hand on your big day. Just ask your chief bridesmaid to look after it for you and put it in a pretty bag.

One major make-up disaster you want to avoid is ‘panda eyes’ and let’s face it, you might shed a tear. So keep some cottonbuds on hand just in case you need to touch up any mascara mishaps.

We also received some amazing natural beauty tips from make-up artist Nariman Pouranpir, who works for London Salon and Spa, Michael John.

On-the-day timing

The time of day is much more important to me than the season. In the summer however, I tend to use more bronzer and shimmer products to achieve a beachy glow. To get the look you want, have a minimum of two trials at least in the 10 weeks before your wedding day.

Make-up in a hot climate

Matte skincare and primers are essential for weddings in hot climates and blotting papers are always good to keep by you for dealing with unwanted shiny T-zones. Some brides have asked me to stay the whole day to retouch their make-up and refresh their look. However I know that if good quality skincare has been used with the appropriate primer, products will stay on all afternoon through to the evening.

Enhance your natural beauty

To bring out your natural eye colour try navy, charcoal or plum as eyeliner rather than black or brown, which can be too harsh for some brides. Drink plenty of water in the three days leading up to your wedding so your skin stays hydrated. I also cannot recommend individual lashes enough; even just a few for the outer corner of the eyes makes a huge difference and makes your eyes look bigger in photographs.

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What about your hair? How can you ensure that your crowning glory is looking it’s glossy best on your big day? How can you prepare in advance? Celebrity and Royal hairdresser Richard Ward advises the following…

Eat the right food

As strong, new healthy hair growth relies on getting a good blood supply through the follicle, eating the right foods can really impact hair health dramatically. Blood producing foods like nuts, seeds and dark berries (such as blueberries) are excellent. Try incorporating them into your diet by sprinkling onto breakfast cereals or getting to the health food shop and stocking up for snacking throughout the day.

Vegans or strict vegetarians can often find their diet lacks protein, essential for bodily health, and this can make hair weaker and more prone to breakage. If you are Vegan or vegetarian, foods such as quinoa, lentils and other pulses such as, avocado, dates are great for getting the proteins you need for your hair.

Avoid metal things

Keep your hair looking its best by not using anything with metal in the clips and hair bands as this can cut into the hair and cause it to split.

Finally, we’d just like to point out that your groom fell in love with the natural ‘you’ so don’t go for any dramatic look changes on your big day. If you’d like some more tips on natural beauty, why not visit the Wedding Ideas forum and chat with the Wedding Ideas team about your big day look!