If the thought of having to buy favours and separate thank you gifts is causing you sleepless nights, here’s your answer: find a favour that’s so cute you won’t have to get each bridesmaid a separate gift too! We asked Kate Thompson from Confetti.co.uk for gift suggestions that don’t cost the earth and yet still say a very special thank you.


Traditionally sugared almonds were given to symbolise good health and happiness but favours have moved with the times and today, anything goes. Wedding favours really do add a finishing touch to your reception tables. It’s especially lovely to thank your bridesmaids and even nicer to give them something they can keep.

Finance-friendly favours

If you can’t afford to spend too much, don’t worry – you can still get a useful gift or sentimental keepsake if you just know where to look. Gifts such as a vintage key-shaped bottle opener or an adorable miniature birdhouse are more imaginative than sugared almonds and show you appreciate your girls by giving them something that little bit special. We especially love these ceramic bird planters; they’re perfect for growing herbs or tiny flowers and will look gorgeous in anyone’s home.

‘Birds of a Feather’ Miniature Ceramic Planter, £3.75

Personalised wedding favours

A personalised keepsake is the ultimate gift as you can make them unique by engraving them with your own very personal message, names or dates. For bridesmaids, an elegant compact mirror, trinket box or key ring is a gift that can be used every day and treasured always.

Silver Plated Purse Shaped Compact Mirror from £15.99

Another way of personalising your favours is to simply add a hand-written or printed gift tag or decorative sticker.

Gift tags are the traditional way to add your personal message and can be printed or written in beautiful script by your own fair hand, while personalised printed stickers really are the modern bride’s new best friend! This loveheart sticker just says it all.

Personalised loveheart sticker, 28p each

Practical wedding favours

Everyone likes a useful gift, particularly parents of young flowergirls who will be grateful for something to keep their little ones occupied during the reception so they can enjoy their meal in peace! Instead of a traditional colouring book, why not try a wedding activity book, full of wedding-themed word puzzles, colouring pages and mazes? Or, for a truly girly gift, this unusual pink lipstick pen and notepad is as useful as it is cute, making it the perfect gift for little flowergirls and older bridesmaids alike.

‘Read My Lips’ notepad and pen, £3.75

For all bridesmaids, a beautiful bracelet or necklace presented in a jewellery box is a beautiful keepsake and a gift that could be given on the morning of the wedding so they can wear it on the day.

Finally, everyone loves surprises, so if you want to give your girls something extra special with an added surprise then hide a keepsake inside a favour box. They’ll think the little favour is their gift so when they look inside, they’ll be even more thrilled to see a hidden secret keepsake just for them! It will be treasured always and a constant reminder of your close friendship and her important role on your wedding day.

If you’re inspired to create a special day for your bridesmaids and flowergirls, why not check out more gift suggestions plus dress and bouquet ideas in our Bridesmaids Section?