This year’s spring/summer bridal hairstyles range from sixties beehives, chic buns and low-slung ponytails, to rock ‘n’ roll waves. We chat to superstar hairstylist Vicki Lord and find out how you can rock these the on-trend styles for your own big day…


The beehive

The 60’s messy beehive has been a favourite of mine and many of my brides have opted for this fabulous classic look with a twist. Dusty Springfield, Bridget Bardot and Audrey Hepburn made this look famous and you can still see variations of it when you look in magazines and on the red carpet.

Most modern day women don’t go to the extreme high elevations that the women of the 1960s did when their beehives became more like hornets nests! Modern day beehives are more subdued to create a chic and beautiful look up top.

Top tips for a beehive hairdo

  • A round face is better suited to a higher beehive with foreheads revealed to elongate the face shape.
  • An oval face may better suit a slightly lower beehive but be sure to wear a fringe whether it’s a full one or swept to the side.
  • A square face may better suit a more undone beehive with strands of hair gently falling out to soften features.
  • A heart-shaped face would suit most heights and textured beehives.

chignon bun

Chignon bun

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If beehives aren’t your thing then try sporting a low bun to maximise your glam factor. This style will favour most face shapes and works with all hair types.

The bun was a look favoured by Queen Victoria and was made famous by Eva Peron but has been adapted for the modern world by the likes of Heidi Klum, Gwen Stefani and Scarlett Johansson. The upsweep of hair dramatically showcases your cheekbones and opens up your face, creating an elegant and romantic look.

A smoothing serum through the top layer of hair will make your chic bun shine and will keep the hair from frizzing on your wedding day. To finish off the look adorn the hair with an intricately jewelled headband.

High shine ponytail

Having a ponytail seems very ordinary, however this is a classic look that can be reworked for your special day. Add a deep side parting and a glossy finish for a simple, fresh bridal look that’s perfect for seemingly effortless chic appeal.

When you do a deep side parting it brings a large volume of hair over to one side, highlighting it to perfection. The deep parting will balance the softness in the ponytail and create a look of refined elegance.

Created with special care these hairstyles crown the bride’s appearance wonderfully, so that she radiates finesse and a sensual allure. This is the perfect hairstyle to wear if you have a detailed dress with straps or a high collar.

Treat hair to a conditioning treatment to help seal down cuticles and a regular trim to help with optimum shine. Add an ornate hair vine or a lace or pearl wrap to this hairstyle to give it maximum impact.

rock n roll waves

Rock and roll waves

If you feel more comfortable with your hair down then rock and roll waves with a centre parting are for you. This look is great for the modern bride with the simplicity of the tumbling soft waves creating a soft, romantic look.

Not many ladies are blessed with having naturally thick long hair so those of us without Repunzel locks can create this look by adding clip-in hair extensions. This will give your hair the extra length and volume needed to achieve this stunning look.

Good quality hair pieces are extremely easy to work with and are very light so you forget you’re even wearing them. Try adding a romantic Juliet cap veil to really set this hairstyle off.