Not got a clue when it comes to wedding shoe styles? Don’t know your kitten heels from your platform wedges? We’re here to help! Here are seven stylish wedding shoe shapes for you to rock on your big day…

Lulu court shoes, Rachel Simpson

Court shoe

The classic wedding shoe: this full shoe style has no straps, and is available in hundreds of designs and styles, including peeptoe. It’s an excellent choice if you’re planning to get married in the cooler, wetter months because your feet will be kept warm and dry while you pose for photos outside, and the fuller style allows for a huge range of embellishments, patterns and design detail. Courts also come in the largest range of heel heights, from low 1.5-inch kitten heels to 6-inch skyscrapers!

Hollywood sling backs, Freya Rose

Sling backs

Sling backs are also very popular for brides who want a classical design but something different from the traditional full shoe. What makes sling backs different is that they expose the back of the foot and heel, and are kept in place with a strap. Sling backs are very elegant, making them a very appealing option for brides who want a contemporary look to complete their outfit.

However, the main disadvantage to this style of shoe is that sometimes the strap that fits behind the ankle slips down, making them uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. However, there is a solution called Strappy Strips, which prevent straps from slipping and causing discomfort.

Martha sandals, Emmy Shoes


If you are planning a summer wedding or a wedding abroad, then sandals are a fantastic option because they are open-toed and will keep your feet nice and cool during a warm afternoon. Most high street shops and online shoe retailers sell this style, and they range from simply strappy designs to more elaborate, embellished creations.

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Bear in mind that your toes and heels will be exposed in this style, so don’t forget to invest in a pretty bridal pedicure before the big day!

from-courts-to-converse-your-ultimate-guide-to-wedding-shoe-styles-Rainbow Club_Hessy
Hessy ballet flats, Rainbow Club

Ballet slippers

Ballet slippers are brilliant for brides who don’t want additional height; they also offer comfort as well as class. The other advantage to satin or silk ballet slippers is that they can be easily dyed to match the shade of your wedding dress to perfection. The drawback to ballet shoes is their lack of practicality in wet conditions, so if you’re thinking of a winter wedding then you’re best off choosing a hardier shoe. They do make a great substitute for your killer heels during the reception though, so have a pair on hand for when you want to dance the night away with your new husband!


Most brides who opt to wear bridal trainers are looking for something different and fun. As well as being a playful alternative to more traditional styles, they’re also a comfortable option for brides unable to wear heeled shoes. Trainers are also ideal if you like to display your moves on the dance floor without the fear of tripping!

One of the major flaws of this style is that they’re not regarded as the most appropriate footwear for a traditional white wedding, so if you’re marrying in a more conversative church or have particularly old-fashion grandparents, prepare for some raised eyebrows! For more inspiration, take a look at more of our quirky accessory ideas here.

from-courts-to-converse-your-ultimate-guide-to-wedding-shoe-styles-Rainbow Club_Hassall_Starry-Eyed
Starry Eyed platforms, Hassall at Rainbow Club


Platforms are perfect for brides who are unable to wear four-inch heels but are still looking for some added height. Forget visions of Spice Girl-style Buffalo shoes or Sixties go-go boots – the modern platform is subtly raised at the front to distribute the the wearer’s weight equally. This makes them an excellent option if you want to wear heels but still be comfortable for the duration of your wedding day. The disadvantage to this style is that they can have a rather heavy appearance, making them look less elegant than the more traditional court or slingback styles.

Flip flops,

Flip flops

You’re planning a romantic wedding on a white sandy beach, you’ve found the perfect dress for your destination wedding and you now need a pair of shoes that will suit your informal location. A pair of pretty white flip flops might do the trick! Flip flops are also a great thing to change into for the evening reception of a more traditional wedding, especially if your feet are already killing you and you need something more comfortable to dance in than your Jimmy Choos. Obviously, we don’t recommend that you wear your flip flops during a traditional ceremony – not only are they likely to look too casual against your wedding gown, but they may also be audible over your entrance music as you try to walk elegantly down the aisle to meet your expectant groom!

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