The invitation is your guests’ first glimpse of what your day has in store. A bespoke design for your invitation is a unique opportunity to tell your guests a little more about your style, and have some fun! somethingMADE are only too familiar with pairing the perfect designs that express every detail with pure vision, graft and LOVE of the duo for print, pattern and form.

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Along with practical information, the invitation hints at the tone you’re setting for the day, from classic elegance to quirky vintage.


How to create that unique look with simple and beautiful designs

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Less is more
 You have essential information to fit onto a small format. An elegant pattern or motif is a key starting point.

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Quality where it counts The print effect, good quality card and considered colours are essential for a professional finish. Hand printed techniques have had a huge revival – it’s worth looking into the different effects and choosing the technique to suit your style. The simplest designs can be brought to life with colour, beautiful card and a lovely print finish.

Use Form
Working with shape and size is a simple way of creating a striking and unique design. Playing with layout, folds and cut-outs is a fun way to create different looks.



Having worked with many couples, we know the ideal – a unique piece or suite of stationery that captures the feel of the day. Our aim – to make beautifully handcrafted pieces an affordable option, and bring a little art to your special day.

A b o u t  U s

With backgrounds in Architecture and Design, we draw on our experiences to bring an innovative twist to our work. Our silk screen printed designs encompass a love of patterns, vibrant colours and a sleek graphical style. We produce contemporary designs, screen printed by hand, on unique layouts.

Wedding Collection’ – our newly launched offering, features a series of innovative designs, customisable with your own text, choice of font, colour and card. Our solution for couples looking for that unique look without the bespoke price tag.

Designed with You’ – the complete bespoke service, for those looking to create completely personal pieces.

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T i p s

Keep information succinct and let your style shine through.

Don’t forget to have an extra printed as a beautiful keepsake to frame.


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