trash-the-dress-2The trash the dress phenomenon started way back in the late 1990s where newlyweds walked through fields, scrambled over hay bales, fought fire, swam through the ocean and had even had vibrant paints flung at them has now moved on apace, to a sophisticated style of photoshoot where a bride gets to wear her dress again, look beautiful and use stunning mother nature as a backdrop. To be a bride all over again. To cherish the dress.

Trash the Dress? We’d rather not!

Photographers all over the world are now accepting commissions for these shoots; shoots where you get to look potentially even more gorgeous than you did that day – free from the stress, pressure and interferences on your big day. You may find that your photographer is willing to offer this as part of a wedding photography package that also includes an engagement shoot, and the beauty of it all is that you get to wear that dress and those shoes all over again. And the real beauty of it is that you can pick somewhere that doesn’t hold a license – somewhere that holds wonderful memories for you both or you just like the look of. Good photographers will also know all the best local beauty spots to get the best pics.

Would you consider doing a cherish the dress or even trash the dress photoshoot? What are you plans for your wedding gown when the confetti has settled? Are you planning to trash the dress or cherish it? Do you still fit into your wedding dress? Have you had it cleaned yet? Is the thought of wearing your shoes again just too painful? We’d love to hear your thoughts below in our comments section, and in the meantime we asked one of our favourite photographers, the wonderful Martin Hill, renowned for styled location shoots as well as stunning wedding photography, to provide some of his best cherished shots.

Cherish the Dress gallery


  1. I was really disappointed in our pro photos – he didn’t take us off for ‘couple’ shots so all we have of just hubby and me are a few leaving the church and 2 close ups on a balcony outside the reception venue.
    I’d forgotten about trash/cherish your dress shoots so thank you for reminding me. Assuming we still both fit into our outfits, I might see about a shoot for our first anniversary.

  2. Sorry to hear about that Genevieve 🙁

    Sounds like a cherish the dress shoot would be perfect. Where are you based?

  3. We are having our wedding and reception in a villa in Portugal the reception will be held around the pool and at the end of the evening my hubby is going to jump in the pool with me in his arms. We’re not telling any of our guests though so will be great to see there faces as well. 🙂


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