The Flowers To ‘GIY’ For Your Wedding Bouquet

If you fancy yourself a bit of a gardener, have some green-fingered helpers on call or just love the idea of growing your own wedding bouquet, this may be something you want to get planning relatively early on. Different varieties are in season at different times and take varying times to grow to their prime. So, depending on your wedding date, you’ll want to check out the growing times of your favourite flowers so that you can have these in bloom ready to cut and arrange on the wedding day.

Florist Harriet Fenn believes these will become particularly popular this year:
I think there will be a big surge towards home grown and British flowers. You hear of a lot of brides growing their own wedding flowers now for that special touch with their auntie or mother arranging them.” She explains. “There is also a big market now for florists who run their own ‘create your own bouquet’ workshops. There have also been a lot of requests to just use British flowers, which is great.”

Adrian Nind, Managing Director of online gardening experts, Bakker says: “There are many beautiful and colourful flowers that can be grown in the garden to be used in a wedding bouquet. While this is a nice touch, it also saves you money on what is a very expensive day – just remember to plan ahead! If you don’t have any flowers in the garden that you would like to include then you need to get them planted well in advance.”

The Flowers To 'GIY' For Your Wedding Bouquet: Roses

So how do you go about growing the most popular flower trends of this year?



These flowers will always be popular. They are easy to grow and come in a range of shapes and colours – there will be something to suit every wedding theme. Most roses need at least 5 hours of sunlight per day, so make sure you plant them somewhere that they are going to get the sun they need. Another tip is that roses need a lot of organic matter, and when planting try to avoid crowding as good air circulation is important. Once they are fully grown and opened up to how you want them, you can get cutting. 


Peonies are a favourite at this time of year. They flower between March and July, so make sure you bear this in mind when choosing these flowers for your special day. Get planting from September to October. Peonies grow best in the ground and need lose, nutritious soil. Water straight away after planting.

The Flowers To 'GIY' For Your Wedding Bouquet: Peonies

Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are another favourite, and look great as part of a bouquet or even a centre piece for your tables. They would look great as accompanying flowers, and would work great of you have a country theme. These flowers are great because they require minimal maintenance. Just make sure you plant in fertile, well-drained soil and remember to give it extra water during dry periods.


These full and colourful flowers would be perfect for a summer wedding! They flower between June and September. Plant in loose soil and water regularly to stop the soil from drying out. A good tip would be to add plant food with the water during the summer for an extra beautiful bloom!


Tulips are becoming more popular as part of centre pieces and bouquets, and they will add a touch of colour to your wedding. Tulips are perfect for a spring wedding as they flower between April and June. The great thing about planting tulips is that you don’t need a great deal of room, just get yourself a window-box and you are away! They can grow in full sun or part shade, so pretty much anywhere. Just make sure they have plenty of water during growing season.

The Flowers To 'GIY' For Your Wedding Bouquet: Tulips

White and Green

White flowers with greenery will be perfect for almost any wedding and look both fresh and modern.

Pantone colour of the year for 2017 is greenery. On their website they describe it as: ‘A refreshing and revitalising shade… symbolic of new beginnings.’ What better shade to incorporate into your wedding day? Harriet thinks that this, along with white, will be incredibly popular over the next couple of years. She says: “I think white and green is always going to be a classic and popular choice, but in 2018 I think we will also see more coral and pastel colours being requested.”

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