We caught up with Rebecca Douglas to find out 5 reasons why she is a definite contender for your wedding day Photography!

Her natural and romantic style

Rebecca is known for her warm hearted and relaxed approach which helps her create natural and romantic images. You can be sure that having your time together in front of the camera will be more about hanging out with your other half and having a blast, leaving you with a collection beautiful and authentic moments to cherish for a lifetime.

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Rebecca Douglas Photography

She is a story teller

Everyone tells you your day will fly by at the blink of an eye and its true; the little moments that spark so quickly, all gather together to tell your wedding day story. Rebecca is an expert at blending in with your guests like a friend and capturing the things you didn’t even notice. Honest imagery that really connect you back to the moments they were created is at the heart of what Rebecca does, you can really feel the authenticity breath through her work.

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Rebecca Douglas Photography

She’s known for her night time photography

Rebecca really knows how to use light – her images are mind blowing. She has been recognised with industry awards and even by Nikon for her use of off camera flash to create some totally epic and individual night time images. What ever the weather or season you can be confident that she will be totally rock it and create you some wow images!

Rebecca Douglas Photography

Same day preview of your day

Rebecca gets so excited about each couple she works with, you can see this in everything she does. When she finishes capturing your day, she backs everything up and hand picks some previews on social media that you can then see and share straight away. There is no better feeling than sharing a few of your professional photos the morning after your wedding, leaving you to get excited about the rest of
your collection.

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Rebecca Douglas Photography

Super speedy editing of your whole wedding collection

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And wait for it, here comes the good bit…..the wait to see your whole wedding collection is minimal. Rebecca is one of the fastest in the industry, you can expect to see your wedding day, beautifully edited and full of wow, within 7-10 working days!

Just think, you could be drinking cocktails on honeymoon, looking through your day or know you have something amazing to look forward to when you come back from your honeymoon.

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Rebecca Douglas Photography


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