About 99% of happy couples want to get married on Fridays or Saturdays. However, despite there being many valid reasons for this, a future bride and groom should always take into consideration a mid-week wedding as it can have many advantages.

Wiltshire wedding venue Bishopstrow Hotel & Spa’s Wedding Concierge, Nicole Winslade has offered us her first-hand experience. Here are her five reasons to choose a mid-week wedding over a weekend…


There’s one thing couples always ask, how much? Couples fall head over heels for wedding venues and are then put down by the price. However, mid-week weddings are often far more negotiable when it comes to price. It is believed that a mid-week wedding can work out about a third cheaper.

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There is nothing more frustrating for a Wedding Co-ordinator than showing a couple around their wedding venue and then not being able to find availability for them. Popular wedding venues, like Bishopstrow, get booked up in advance so by opting for a weekday wedding, the availability is often a lot better and there will be more flexibility with dates.


Mid-week weddings suit a smaller and more intimate affair. Close family members and friends may be more than happy to take a couple of days off work to celebrate with you. For example, if you choose a day later in the week such as a Thursday, this means that the working week is nearly over and your guests are much more likely to let their hair down.

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From Nicola’s experience, wedding suppliers, from photographers to florists tend to prefer mid-week weddings as not only does it mean they can spend longer at the venue (as Saturday’s tend to be far more hectic), they also have more availability too. Setting up and arranging supplies during the week can also save significant amounts of money too, due to each suppliers weekend demand.

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It can seem like you spend your whole life waiting for the weekend. And this shouldn’t have to be the case for finding a free weekend at your chosen wedding venue. By having your wedding during the week, you will simply be able to get married sooner! This means there is no big countdown and you don’t have to wait over a year for the big day.

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