Wedding speeches should be witty, funny, full of laughs and end on a seriously romantic note! Here we reveal the five quickest ways to ruin a wedding speech – show this to your groom and best man immediately… they have been warned!

grooms-wedding-speech-wfphotoUsing inappropriate content

At most weddings your audience will span three generations, make sure that there’s nothing in your groom’s wedding speech that you wouldn’t tell to your grandma or any young relations.

Top of the list of things to avoid are detailed reviews of the stag-do. Apply the rule that “what goes on tour, stays on tour.”

Rehashing old jokes

You don’t need to be a professional stand-up comedian to write your own material, just collect a range of information on your subject and in time your groom’s wedding speech will take shape.

Although it can be tempting, you should try and avoid rehashing the same old wedding gags – “It’s obviously been an emotional day, even the cake is in tiers,” is probably one of the more tired ones, but there are hundreds of others that will get you nothing but heard-it-before groans.

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Not being prepared

Maybe one-in-a-thousand people could pull off an improvisational wedding speech with some degree of success, but it’s unlikely that you will.

When you haven’t prepared, what often happens is that the nerves kick in and between the ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ you’ll find yourself grasping for things to say, or worse still, rambling on for an hour.

Too much Dutch courage

There’s a fine line between getting some Dutch courage and losing control of what you’re saying and doing.

It’s safer to abstain from drinking until you’ve done your speech, but at a wedding this can be hard, especially if you have to sit through a meal before the speeches.

If everyone is nervous about the speeches, consider switching them to before the meal – that way everyone can enjoy a few well-deserved glasses of wine with their meal.

Forgetting your wedding etiquette

Each of the speeches has its own particular function and it is important to make sure your groom’s wedding speech does what it’s supposed to.

In many cases, months of planning will have gone into choosing the correct wording of an invitation, or the political implications of the seating plan.

So if you come along and forget to toast the bridesmaids or fail to welcome the guests then you’re going to be in trouble. Do some research and make sure your speech complies with the etiquette of the day.

How’s your groom’s wedding speech going? Will you insist on reading it before the big day?

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