Make your first dance something to remember with these 10 top tips

The DJ calls your name and asks for you to head to the dance floor. You’re standing there with your new husband, under the spotlight, while family and friends start to crowd around. It’s time for the first dance. Make sure it’s a first dance they will all remember with these 10 top tips.

No experience necessary

With the rising popularity of reality dance shows we all know that dancing is no longer just for professionals.

Your first dance doesn’t have to be all singing all dancing – just you and your h2b, with a desire to enjoy yourselves will definitely make for a memorable dance.

Get the party started

I recommend you dance for part of the song, and then use the rest as an opportunity to get the other guests involved.

Practice makes perfect

Not even professional dancers wing it! Learn some moves from a pro or at least take some time to push back the furniture and experiment.

Watching three minutes of the “huggy shuffle” can kill the party atmosphere for your guests, and they will be less likely to get up and join you on the floor!

Rehearse in your shoes

A combination of new shiny-soled shoes and a slick dance floor could be a worst dance nightmare! And Brides, bear in mind that heels can really affect your balance.

Reconnect as a couple

It can get busy in the lead up to the big day, so having a few lessons to create your first dance not only gives you confidence on the dance floor, but also time to reconnect as a couple.

Keep it simple

With so many things to think about on the day you don’t want to be worrying about remembering a long routine, keep it short and sweet. That way you’ll leave your audience wanting more.

Avoid dress mishaps

Put on your dress and practice! It’s easy to put a heel through a long skirt or pop out of a strapless dress!

Forget the flaws

Don’t worry if you make mistakes, no one knows your routine, except you two. So keep going, guys lead the way and enjoy the moment!

Music that matters

Choose a song that means something to you both. This will help you enjoy what could be a daunting part of your special day.

Don’t get mixed up

Make sure that you send your DJ your song version. That way you don’t get a remixed track that isn’t the same as you’ve been rehearsing to.

If you’re planning your first dance, our Wedding Music and Entertainment section has everything you need to plan your pinnacle dance as husband and wife.

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