The devil is in the detail when it comes to weddings – but all those scraps of lace, favours and table decorations are often the bits that you didn’t think about when you first set your budget.

As your day approaches, it can start to feel a bit overwhelming – emotionally and financially, so we’ve got – the free service to find local professionals – to help you out with some ways to save on your wedding details! Colm and Sara's Wedding (19)

But it doesn’t have to be that way – we think that these little details can be fun and a way of making your special day a special process that you have poured your heart, soul and creativity into.

You’d also be in good company – at Bark we’ve noticed a real surge in people asking for all sorts of classes and lessons to help learn the tricks and skills to add those finishing touches themselves. So, why not grab your bridesmaids and peruse through our top pick of DIY wedding skills you can learn.


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What better way to announce the big day than with something you have crafted yourself, with love? It can seem daunting to have to do your own invites – but there are plenty of classes to help out with design, digital or traditional.



Your flowers should complement your dress and will feature in all the photos – why not have them exactly as you want? More and more people are seeking flower-arranging classes – not least because it’s a lovely relaxing activity in the midst of last minute wedding chaos! You could even do the corsages too.


Place cards

Once you’ve organised your table plan, making allowances for any family politics of course, a lovely touch is writing your own place cards. A calligraphy lesson could help make them look really beautiful, and as you know all the guests at your event, you can personalise them too.

Wedding favours

These aren’t essential, but they’re being used more and more. They don’t have to be expensive – why not try personalising glasses with your names or monograph? Glass art lessons can be really fun, your guests will love the personal touch and you’ll have a memory of your special day in every kitchen cupboard! Or why not bake cookies or sweet treats and make a posh party bag for guests to take home. DSC_6685


Match your chair decorations to your wedding style – but do it in a personalised way. If it’s a spring or summer wedding, tie fresh blooms to your chairs (these could be the offcuts from your bouquet!) If it’s winter, make a miniature wreath.  Keep it simple and tie a ribbons in elegant bows, and if you’re feeling adventurous, stitch yours and hubby to be’s initials into each one. N&S_039


One of the most memorable parts of the day is the meal – so make sure that while your guests enjoy your menu, they also gaze at your handiwork. You could go simple and elegant, such as a vase with flowers and lights; whacky and creative with paper mache painted figures; or English chic with a milk bottle filled with fairy lights. The possibilities are as limitless as your creativity! James and Amanda's Wedding (80)

Signs and directions

Make the venue yours with your own signs – you could do a menu board for the meal, directions to photo points and bathrooms and even an order of ceremony. This doesn’t need to be hard! Buy some picture frames, MDF or wooden offcuts, paint a bright colour and use your newfound calligraphy skills to direct your guests.

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Whether you take classes, learn from a friend or decide to keep things simple and decide to let someone else do things, the most important thing to do is to enjoy every step – this day and all the memories are yours! John Oberlin Harris is Head of Trends at, an online marketplace helping users find classes, professionals and tradespeople in their local area.