She’s been designing wedding stationery, called Inspired by Lisa, for nine years, and today we find out what inspires Lisa Grattidge!


My dad

My first inspiration has to be my dad. He was a creative perfectionist, loyal and extremely hard working. His aim in life was simply to work hard and provide for his family. Sadly I lost him in 2013 but he does, and always will, continue to inspire me every day. He taught me a lot.


Brides to be constantly amaze me with their excitement and sheer delight when planning a wedding. I LOVE to hear their ideas and can’t wait to get started on fulfilling them and being part of one of the most important days of their lives. I feel very privileged to be part of their lives for those exciting few months. So many brides to be tell me that they aren’t creative, and yet they have very firm ideas about what they want their wedding to be. I believe everybody has a little creativity within them when it is needed.

Social media

What on earth did we do before social media? I absolutely love the fact that so much visual, creative, inspiring information is right at my finger tips! Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram are all very addictive in my constant need to get my fix of all things pretty!

My studio

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I am so lucky to have the most amazing, quirky studio on the third floor of a lovely old Victorian building. The building has a very creative, rustic vibe and goes under the name of No. 70, The Creative Lifestyle Emporium. In the same building there is handmade jewellery, artisan beers and the most amazing coffee shop. I love to read the latest Wedding Ideas magazine while drinking coffee and eating cake! What could be more inspiring?!

My little family

I truly believe we all need to clear our heads from time to time, and re-charge the batteries to help maintain a healthy mind. I really adore my job, but the stresses of accounts, marketing and day to day juggling can sometimes take its toll. Nothing beats a great day out filled with fun and laughter with my hubby and two adorable children! After a day with them, I feel totally inspired to face a new day.

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