You want your big day to say something about you and your individual style. So why shouldn’t your wedding photography reflect this? We’ve gathered together some incredible photographs, from some talented wedding photographers, that we think have some real individuality. These shots may not seem like typical wedding photography but they really do capture the love and emotion that happens on a wedding day.

Loving silhouettes


At first glance, it’s fairly obvious that this is a wedding photograph, but it’s so much more than that. The colours are a world away from what you’d expect and you can’t even see the faces of the bride and groom. What really makes this picture work is the silhouette of the loving couple embracing. It’s a beautiful image by Damien Lovegrove.

Dancing in the rain


A good photographer can conjure up an image that captures the atmosphere of the day and this amazing shot by Alex Beckett does precisely that. Here’s what Alex had to say about the image…

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“Natalie and Geraint are two really good friends, and I was delighted when they asked me to be their photographer. Unfortunately it rained almost all day but I eventually decided that we’d just have to brave the downpour because I was desperate to get some shots of the traditional caravans. It was quite late in the evening and, by this point, everyone had had a bit to drink, so when I asked the bridesmaids and groomsmen to pull some poses around the newlyweds, they didn’t disappoint!”

Let your love light shine!


Irish wedding photographer Brideen Baxter has created an amazing special effect in this wedding shot of Michelle and Tom. It probably took a while to set up but the effect was definitely worthwhile. It gives the classic bride and groom standing outside the wedding venue photograph a real twist.

Cute candid moments

DavidBostock (1)

We love these two photographs by David Bostock.  One of our top wedding photography tips is to get some informal pictures of your younger attendees. Ask your photographer to look out for moments when they’re playing naturally and this is the sort of gorgeous result that you’ll end up with.


We also love this shot of the groom spontaneously picking up his beautiful new bride. It’s one that just couldn’t be rehearsed – it’s a moment in time that really captures the atmosphere of the day.

When you’re choosing your wedding photographer you really need to find somebody that suits you. Although he or she will take the images you want, they’ll end up putting their own artistic stamp on the shots, so make sure you’re happy with the way they compose their images. Do some research and you’ll end up with pictures that you’ll treasure forever.