Cutting down on the cost on your wedding needn’t mean compromising on its quality or enjoyment.

Nominating a trusted friend or relative to film your big day is a great way of saving money and can even give you a better, more personal, results than you may get from a professional. Simply follow these tops tip from Sony to ensure you have a film that captures the magic of your wedding.

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Choose your cameraman carefully

It could be tempting to task one of your nearest and dearest with filming your wedding – after all they know what you like best, right? But, think about the role that everyone already has to play on your day. The ushers will be busy directing guests to their seats and you will probably want your closest friends to be present in the action. It’s best to pick someone that has enough free time to be behind the camera. Most people will see it as an honour to be asked; but do thank them by giving them a special mention during the speeches, after all you’re asking them to remain sober for the day!

Let the camera help you

It’s important to choose the right tool to help you create a wedding video that looks sleek and professional. Once you’ve chosen which camera to use, make sure you utilise all of the features on offer. It’s not unusual to see homemade videos where the camcorder will briefly lose focus or the video brightens or darkens as lighting conditions change. Sony’s HandyCams such as the PJ780 or CX410 feature Balanced Optical SteadyShot technology which ensures there are no wobbles and your video looks smooth and steady. Knowing how these features work will ensure your film is expertly shot during the busy and action-heavy day.

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Don’t miss the money shots

Your wedding day will no doubt fly by for everyone involved, so arm your videographer with a list of the moments that need to be recorded. Great moments that make for a beautiful film include parents’ reactions during the vows, the arrival of the guests and the enjoyment of the delicious food. It goes without saying that the first kiss, the first dance, the cutting of the cake and the speeches cannot be missed! The Sony CX410 HandyCam features a super wide lens to ensure all of the guests on both sides of the reception room fit into shot.

Revise the guest list

If you’re planning on having a fairly large wedding, you yourself may not know the names of all of your guests’ plus ones. This will probably be the case for your nominated cameraman too, so make sure he or she is aware of the important people you want featured in your wedding day film. Give them a head ups on where your grandma, oldest friend or niece and nephew are sitting, so that they can capture all the laughs, smiles and happy tears.

Capture the little things

No doubt you’ll have brilliant memories of your wedding day through yours and your partner’s eyes; however the great thing about recording it too is that you’ll get to see the special little moments of your wedding that you missed. Encourage your videographer to move around the action and capture what’s happening in all corners of the venue from day to evening. The CX410 HandyCam features an Exmor R™ CMOS sensor that is super sensitive, so that every small moment is captured with crisp, clear quality.

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