Planning a wedding is a little bit stressful. Wait, no, REALLY stressful. So take a break and. Melt away wedding planning stress with these gorgeous bath goodies, says our beauty expert Emily Berryman.

1. Olverum Bath Oil, £23.50

Created back in 1931, eight decades of devotees swear by this super-concentrated bath oil thanks to its amazing stress-busting and muscle soothing properties. Crammed with 10 heavenly essentials oils – including three of our favourites; lavender, eucalyptus and juniper, add a good glug to your water to restore your inner Zen.


2. Champneys Well Earned Treat Cloud Nine Indulgent Bubble Heaven, £12

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For times when your W-day budget won’t stretch to an indulgent spa day, these creamy bubbles, drenched in blissful notes of precious woods and vanilla come a very close second! Switch off your phone, lay back and do stop fretting over your seating plan.

stressed-out-brides-6073980_Champneys Cloud Nine Indulgent Bubble Heaven 500ml_1

3. Oskia Rose De Mai Skin Smoothing Massage Candle, £34.50

Another great way to enjoy a spot of spa-style pampering – without those pesky paper knickers – is to burn this beautiful rose scented candle while you unwind in the tub. Deliciously, all the melted loveliness can then be used as a body moisturiser or as sensuously warm massage oil. What’s not to love?

stressed-out-brides-ROSE DE MAI MASSAGE CANDLE

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4. Aroma Works Aroma Bomb Duo, £12.50

For a grown up bath fizzer with punch, these zingy bombs are made with detoxifying Himalayan sea salt and a hefty dose of neroli and lemongrass – making them perfect for a caffeine-free energy boost when there is so much wedding shopping to do!

stressed-out-brides-AromaWorks, Bath Bombs Serenity, £12.50

5. Elemental Herbology Detox Oil, £20

An ideal pick-me-up after your toxic hen weekend, this virtuous golden nectar is blended with grapefruit, rosemary and geranium oils to stimulate circulation and shift mind fog. You’ll soon feel like that vat of Pino Grigio never happened.

stressed-out-brides-Detox Botanical Bathing Infusion 150ml mr

6. Lucy Annabella Time Out Bath Milk, £43

Every bride needs her beauty sleep, so if you are a self-confessed worry-head, try adding a dash of this celebrity favourite to your bath before bedtime. Packed with cypress and chamomile to help you distress, this is pre-pillow pampering at its most luxurious.


7. ARK Body Beautiful Conditioning Oil, £35

100 percent natural and bursting with a whopping 25 mood-enhancing essential oils, this beautiful blend can be used as a silky body moisturiser, massage oil, in-tub treat or even as a fabulous deep conditioner for your tresses! And we do admire a little multi-tasking.

stressed-out-brides-Beautiful conditioning oil_1

8. Grace Cole Personalised Moisturising Body Lotion, £8

We go gaga over a great gift idea – so when we heard that our favourite Grace Cole bath goodies can now be personalised with names, dates or even a cheeky message – our wedding brains went into overdrive! A thoughtful little thank you to stash in overnight guests’ rooms or as a little pressie-to-self – get your order in now!


9. Bomb Cosmetics Love Cloud Gift Pack, £12.99

A perfectly wrapped package full of the prettiest bathtime blasters and soaps, each is made with the highest quality natural butters and oils so you should emerge from the tub feeling – and smelling – like a princess. Well, if you can’t spoil yourself in the run-up to your wedding, when can you?

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