Now you can have your cake – and eat it too! Every bride wants to look fabulous and feel confident on their wedding day, and we’ve found how you can with the Cake Cleanse

Eating cake is almost too easy, whereas making the effort to eat healthily is almost too hard, so combining the two is impossible, right? Not anymore! Introducing Cake Cleanse: a new take on sweet treats that don’t just taste delicious, but are nutritious and cleansing as well. Fully nutritionist endorsed, you can finally have your cake and eat it too.

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Cake Cleanse combines a four-week Nutrition Plan and Recipe eBook. It’s a diet with a difference – you’ll get nourishing meals that are healthy for you and STILL get all the sweet treats you crush on. Cake Cleanse snacks taste just like the naughty treats you crave, but instead of the bad elements, they are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, protein, filling fibre, energising carbs and healthy fats – essential for a wholesome diet. From a breakfast of two-ingredient pancakes to snacks of chocolate cake, eating well has never looked or tasted so good – and with a full nutrition profile for each recipe, guilty snacking will really be a thing of the past.

cake-cleanse-Strawberry Cheescake Bites

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Cake Cleanse was created by Deborah Schipper, an Australian foodie who spent years plagued by skin conditions and severe allergies. After being told her only options were the likes of steroid creams which inflamed her conditions more, Deborah set about experimenting with food as a way to manage her skin – and it worked. Today with the full endorsement of one of Sydney’s best nutritionists, Cake Cleanse offers something nourishing, nutritionally balanced, but that is realistic about sweet cravings and the foods that people truly love – or can’t bear to give up.

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So many people struggle to cut out the treats that everyone says you shouldn’t be eating, and for many of us it’s just not realistic – and it leads to diet failure,” says Deborah. “Cake Cleanse was designed in response to that. It’s about every day foods that are simple – going back to the basics with food that isn’t hard to make, but that also allows you to indulge in sweets. All of the recipes are gluten free and full of beneficial ingredients – you’re not restricted to seasons, and most importantly, you’re not restricting yourself! You’re eating delicious foods but still being nourished and looking after your body.”

The four-week Cake Cleanse Nutrition Plan is a nutritionally sound diet that caters for each meal of the day – from breakfast to dinner, and the snacks in between. With no fixed start dates, it has a calendar of meals, recipes and an itemised shopping list for each of the four weeks. As if it couldn’t be easy enough, there’s also notes on what foods can be prepared in advanced, as well as information on what is the best produce to buy. Main meals include Fit Frittatas, Pesto Zoodles, Fab Fried Rice, Easy Omelette with Unlimited Salad and Tabbouleh with a Twist! The program also includes support via email and the Cake Cleanse Community blog.

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The other Cake Cleanse resource is the Recipe eBook, which can be used separately to the Nutrition Plan, and can be used beyond the four week cleanse. Perfect for those wanting to eat better, the Recipe eBook provides fast family-friendly meals and snacks, from alternatives to sugar-filled sweet treats to savoury muffins that can be made ahead and packed into lunchboxes during hectic weeks. The Recipe eBook contains over 100 recipes including a caramel mug pudding, watermelon cake (pictured), peach crumble, strawberry cheesecake bites, coconut cake bites, peanut butter ice-cream, a variety of brownies and even pancakes – all made with ingredients that are beneficial, nutritional and most importantly – delicious!

cake-cleanse-Coco Cupcakes

Cake Cleanse is a fantastic diet plan for anyone looking to improve their health and wellbeing with a balanced approach – but who also likes to indulge. The real magic however, is that while your mouth waters from the incredible taste, your body will be nourished with valuable antioxidants, protein, healthy fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals to improve your health from the inside out,” says Jennifer May, Nutritionist at Sydney City Nutritionist, Adv.Dip.Nutr.Med.ATMS.IFM.MINDD.

Perfect for those who want to improve their health and energy in just a month without giving up the foods they love, the Cake Cleanse Recipe eBook and Four-Week Nutrition Plan are available here!