Planning your own wedding can be stressful, so what could be better than kicking back for a bit, sticking on one of your favourite wedding movies and watch other people say ‘I do’?

Wedding movies are renowned for their comic uptake on tying the knot and are bound to cure wedding stress; even all the unlikely and crazy characters, situations and mishaps of these films end in happily ever afters. Such as serial jilter and heartbreaker, Julia Roberts, who finally weds after her fourth attempt down the aisle in Runaway Bride.

Not even orange skin and blue hair stops Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson from getting hitched in Bride Wars. Or the disaster of dress fittings with extreme food poisoning in Bridesmaids – despite characters in both films having huge disagreements, they all end with perfect weddings.

The worse-for-wear groomsmen from The Hangover manage to get a very sunburnt groom to his wedding just in the nick of time after finding him passed out on the roof of a Las Vegas hotel. Even the worst incidents running up to a wedding end well so you shouldn’t worry about your wedding; we’re pretty sure your h2b won’t get be abandoned on a hotel roof… sunburn is a possibility, though!


Happily ever after

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Laughing at these disastrous weddings may put your heart at rest, but wedding movies often create characters the viewer can relate to. Maybe you see similarities between your Dad and Steve Martin’s bewilderment at the chaos, stress and cost of wedding planning in The Father of The Bride? Is your best friend planning to bring a hot date to your wedding to make her ex jealous, just like Debra Messing in The Wedding Date? Or are you losing control of your planning like Toula, in My Big, Fat Greek Wedding because her family want to make sure that their ethnic heritage shines through at her wedding?

Can you relate to any of brides in these wedding movies?

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