We get sent lots of amazing wedding photos here at Wedding Ideas. Our amazing Features Writer Alice Rimes picks her favourites…

This morning I’ve been taking a little trip down memory lane, looking back through some of my favourite real weddings that I’ve featured in the magazine and choosing some of my most cherished wedding photos. Picking a wedding photographer is no easy decision, but perhaps once you’ve had a look at some of the sweeties below, you may just find yourself a little bit closer to finding ‘the one’. Enjoy.


First up in the wedding photos round-up is the radiant Charlotte. Charlotte married her lovely boy Dan on a (sadly rainy) day in London. However, dreary old drizzle did NOT dampen her spirits. Quite the opposite, Charlotte is beaming from ear to ear and we love her for it! This getting ready shot is so wonderful, as it beautifully captures a very special moment in becoming a bride; putting on your wedding dress on the morning of the wedding. Don’t forget to ask your photographer to capture the bridal preparations as they are totally part of the fun of being a girl, and you deserve to be pampered! Images: Emma Case Photography.

our-favourite-wedding-photos-taken-real-brides-photo-albums 2


My second choice is bride Emma. I love this photograph as it’s so atmospheric and the autumnal colours are just magnificent. Not to mention the way the sunlight gently dapples through the trees…it’s all so dreamy! You might well be nervous about having your couple and portrait shots taken, but please don’t be! Put your trust in the photographer you’ve picked – you liked them for a reason right?! They only want to make you look completely awesome in your wedding photos, so if they suggest a certain way to pose or a gorgeous location that might seem a bit out of the ordinary, roll with it. It’ll be worth it when you get shots like the one below… Image courtesy of Fazackarley Wedding Photography.

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our-favourite-wedding-photos-taken-real-brides-photo-albums 2

Emily and Hassan

Now on to Emily and Hassan. This image speaks volumes about their love for one another. They absolutely only have eyes for each other, it’s almost as if time has stood still around them. Captured just after they were announced as man and wife, you can see the romance and emotion on their faces. It’s just exquisite. Photography is story telling, and this image transports you right to that magic moment, and will continue to do so for Emily and Hassan for years and years to come. I’m sure the rest of their wedding photos are just as good too! Image courtesy of Dominique Bader.

our-favourite-wedding-photos-taken-real-brides-photo-albums 2

One of the boys

Finally my last and final image is a little bit of a fun one. While I know you brides always look heavenly, and a lot of the photographs you have taken will be based around your dress, accessories, shoes, bridesmaids and other (essential!) girly things, don’t forget the boys in your bridal party. Let them have a bit of fun posing for the wedding photos. However, one teensy word of warning – listen up boys…do not ‘have fun’ until after the wedding ceremony. Your bride will not be impressed if you’re a) late for the ceremony and b) stand there covered in mud, with messy hair and creases in your shirt. Have fun during the drinks reception, but do the important, serious bit first! Image courtesy of Albert Palmer Photography.


Who have you picked to do your wedding photos? Which one is your favourite?

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