Faust’s Potions are diminutive, apothecary-style vials containing an all-natural, bespoke blend of vitamins and herbs, formulated for discerning night owls who want to enjoy the wedding festivities to the max!

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For just £2 per head, with this limited edition offer, bring your guests back from the brink of a hangover. That’s the wedding favours sorted… one less thing to think about!

  • A unique, and exceedingly practical, favour your friends and family will thank you for
  • Customise Potions with a complimentary wrapping kit (includes handmade mulberry paper, ribbons and tags)
  • A free gift for every bride: Faust’s Revitalising Face Spray and Silk Eye Mask
  • Free delivery and wrapping kit for orders over £100 (or for a minimum order of 50 Potions)

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Faust’s Potions Recovery Pack, £5.50

With one Awake Potion and one Asleep Potion makes this pack a unique, practical wedding favour idea! And with weddings in mind, Faust’s wrap up Recovery Packs or single Potions, using luxury, handmade paper and ribbon.

Faust’s Asleep Potion, £12.75

After a day of too many toasts, think of this berry flavoured bedtime tonic as damage limitation. Although it can’t quell the symptoms of a hangover completely, the souped-up formula helps you slip into a peaceful, restorative slumber, giving you a fighting chance come morning.

  • Electrolytes rehydrate and see off sore heads
  • 5HTP boosts serotonin levels to regulate digestion and ease anxiety
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine, an amino acid and powerful antioxidant, tackles lingering toxins.
  • Honey stimulates the elimination of alcohol from the bloodstream


Faust’s Awake Potion, £12.75

Guests can chase down the wedding breakfast with this energising, orange-flavoured tonic. Before the night’s festivities unfurl, encourage family and friends to preload with a Potion, and take full advantage of its ultra nourishing, immunity-boosting benefits.

A strategic late-afternoon does might just mean you don’t have to pay for your partying the morning after. Not quite a cute, but it certainly could coax your guests out for a post-wedding brunch.

  • N-Acetyl Cysteine, an antioxidant powerhouse, protects cells from the damaging effect of alcohol
  • Electrolytes replenish minerals leeched by toxins to shake off sluggishness
  • Green tea is rich in catechins which boost liver function
  • Guarana settles tummies, has painkiller properties, and is a source of caffeine
  • Ginseng is known to increase energy and jog your memory
  • B vitamins help convert food to energy
  • Vitamin C has a well-earned reputation for kicking colds to the curb, but it also plays a part in making complexion-boosting collagen

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