Father Of The Bride Duties – Things Your Dad Can Do For You

The father of the bride duties can sometimes be a neglected part of the big day. However, he is a big part of your wedding day and should be made to feel like it too! Here are some top tips to get him involved in the planning! And if you have more great proud-dad jobs for him to do, let us know!


Father Of The Bride Duties © simongoughphotography.com

Father of the bride duties

First and foremost, it is traditional that the father of the bride pays for the majority of the wedding.

Ask your dad to ensure that any wedding cars/transport arrive on time to take you to your wedding!

Getting the bride to the ceremony on time. The father’s main job on the day is to ensure that his daughter arrives at the ceremony in good time.

At church ceremonies the father of the bride escorts his daughter down the aisle before handing her over to her groom. This is a tradition that many fathers and brides choose to keep at civil marriages.

Father of the bride speech: The father of the bride should thank guests for coming, offer some humorous and touching stories about his daughter’s life. Finally welcome his son-in-law in to the family. Offer a toast to the bride and groom.

The bride’s parents are traditionally the hosts of the wedding breakfast and reception. In a receiving line your mum and dad are traditionally the first two people to greet guests. Afterwards, your dad should mingle, and make sure that everyone has a full glass.

Traditionally the last to leave, the father of the bride ensures that everyone leaves the venue safely. He will make sure all suppliers are paid and that any wedding gifts are taken and stored safely.

What duties will your dad carry out on your big day?!


  1. Thanks for the tips and I wish we had seen these during our daughter’s wedding planning. As a father of the bride I was charting new territory. My daughter and I have since published a book about wedding lessons learned from the Dad’s perspective. It is available from Amazon and reviews are included. Other Dads may find it helpful.