Wedding fashion trends don’t just apply to The Dress, you know – we see trends for grooms, ushers and bridesmaids changing all the time! Here are the experts’ predictions for what the wedding party will be wearing in 2014.


Men are peacocks!

“When it comes to grooms, there’s a lot more peacocking going on!” Jason Bevan, head tailor at Clements and Church in Oxford. “We make bespoke suits for men because a lot of chaps are now wanting to wear a tailored suit on their wedding day rather than hire a morning coat. They’re spending the money on something that they can wear over and over again, rather than a one-off. We’re also noticing that they want to stand out from their ushers.

“In 2013 we made plenty of suits with large checks – and little details were popular too, like velvet trims on cuffs and the ‘ticket pocket’. On the buttonhole we were often requested to do contrast stitching and we leave a loop behind the lapel for a flower’s stem to neatly slide into.


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“Men getting married for the second time usually prefer to wear lounge suits, but we’re also seeing an increase in this trend for first-time grooms. It’s not all about the dress the bride is wearing any more – these men want to be looked at too! Waistcoats have also been big in 2013 – we make them to co-ordinate with suits. Men say that at the wedding breakfast, when they take their jacket off, they don’t want to look like just another man in a white shirt – they want out stand out stylishly!

What’s ahead in 2014? We’re predicting lighter suits, made in light wools and cashmere, with a lot more pastel colours such as baby blues and soft pinks. There’s also a trend towards everything getting shorter and more fitted.”


Stay cool and relaxed

With destination weddings in sunny climes becoming a hot (sorry) choice, what are men going to be wearing when they’re saying their vows on the beach?

“We created a line of seersucker suits with a very pale stripe specifically for destination grooms, and we’re getting some great feedback,” says Alan Dessy of “The suits travel very easily; because they’re made of cotton, they’re light and cool even though they fit closely to the body. And men like them because they can wear them over and over again in the future – in fact, they’re perfect for holidays abroad when you want to look a bit smarter.”

Beautiful bridesmaids

We’ve noticed that brides are increasingly choosing a mismatched look for their maids, dressing them in similar colours but in different cuts of gown – that way, every bridesmaid gets a dress that flatters them. Choose a specialist bridesmaid dress supplier like Dessy and you’ll find literally hundreds of different options to get an on-trend bridesmaid look. We think this trend is really going to take off in 2014, because it not only looks chic, it’s also practical – your girls will get to choose dresses they really like and will want to wear again and again.

Ellie Sanderson, who runs bridal shops in Beaconsfield and Oxford, has also noticed twist dresses – like those from Wedding Ideas award-winners twobirds Bridesmaid and Dessy – being requested more and more. “They can be tied in so many different ways, make an easy transition from day to evening and can be really flattering,” she says.

Our 2014 prediction for bridesmaid dress colours is ombre. That’s when you choose a base colour – say pink – but dress your maids in graduated shades of the same tone. So, one girl might be in a soft blush pink and another in a deep magenta, with four or five colors in between. It allows you to use your colour palette to the full, but also match up a colour to your bridesmaids’ complexions. Dark skins can often work a brighter colour, whilst fairer skins often suit pastels better.

Gone are the days when it was one dress, one colour, one shape fits all. With films like Bridesmaids making fun of brides who don’t take their maids’ feelings and figures into account when choosing dresses, we think it’s a lesson that’s really hitting home. So here’s to seeing some very happy, beautiful bridesmaids in 2014!

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