Brides love to feel their very best for their big day, but sometimes small insecurities might be making you feel deflated. We visited EF Medispa’s new Bristol Clinic with the aim of making small tweaks to feel our very best!


Located in Clifton, the new clinic boasts relaxing treatment rooms and great spaces to unwind between treatments. The staff are welcoming and knowledgeable, soon making us feel right at home. We had decided that we would target the areas we had always wanted to change – for Helen, this was her frown lines that she worried were making her look older than she is and for Lisa, this was her lips, unhappy with a smaller top lip and wishing for more of a pout!



Helen went first and Alex, who delivered the treatment, was amazing throughout. With a full consultation and all the questions answered, she set to work blending away any signs of stress. Botox was chosen and the process was not as painful as expected, with visible results in under two weeks. The 30-minute process has results that last for three to five months.


Alex then moved on to Lisa, applying a numbing cream to her lips to reduce the sensitivity. We discussed that dermal fillers can’t give you Kylie Jenner lips, just bigger, and more even versions of your own lip shape. This means that the results are subtle and look natural. One ml of dermal filler was used to create a feminine pout, all done in a fast 30 minutes, with results lasting six to nine months.



When preparing for any big day you wish to feel the best you can, and as we experienced with our treatments, they are quick, easy and relatively painless. We are amazed with our before and after photos! EF Medispa have Clinics around the UK, and have a wide range of surgical and non-invasive procedures to suit everyone. Our next visit will be for the Drip & Chill, for an instant pick-me-up IV infusion of much needed vitamins!


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