It all begins with an invite, and what a complicated world the invitation world can be. Wedding stationery is so much more than a bit of glossy paper full of information, it’s the first impression of your big day, and the representation of you and your partner. Here at Bride and Groom Direct we’re with you every step of the way, from the exciting moment you say “Yes” to the moment you’re stood at the altar saying “I do”. To make sure you get your happily ever after in regards to your wedding stationery, have a read below…

Save the Dates aren’t a necessity however, they are a great way of giving your friends and family a heads-up. If you’re getting married in the UK, six months before the date is considered a good time to send them out. Whereas, if you’re getting married abroad, sending your save the dates out with over six months gives everyone enough time to save money, book days off work, arrange child care, and top up that spray tan.


Save the Dates are a popular choice for destination weddings, giving that extra bit of notice increases the chances of people being organised and actually attending, which is always a positive! The card simply does what it says on the tin, it supplies your guests with the date of your wedding. If, once again, it’s a destination wedding you can always pop on the location, allowing guests to treat themselves to a new wardrobe or to sort out travel arrangements. Finally, Save the Dates are a fab way of getting people excited for your wedding, the wedding of the year – eat your heart out Jennifer Aniston.

Wedding Invitations are the first impression that your guests will get of your big day – they have had a taster with your Save the Dates – now it’s time for the main course! It’s absolutely acceptable to spend months and months of searching for the perfect one, no matter what your electricity bill or friends say. Your wedding invitations should ideally be sent out between 6 to 8 weeks prior to your wedding. It’s all well and good being organised, but the longer you give your guests to reply, the longer you give them to forget, so we think 6 weeks is perfect.

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Your wedding invitation will be the centre of attention in regards to your stationery, it will need to include when and where the wedding will be. All invitations are different – some include gift lists, menus and directions, some just keep it simple. It is important that you don’t miss out any information as you don’t want to be re-sending your invitations.

Your RSVPs should be sent out with your invitations with a self-addressed envelope attached. Some ranges include the RSVP card in the wedding invitation itself, whereas others you have to purchase separately. In the wedding world guests are renowned for not getting back to the bride and groom in time, so dropping your RSVPs in with your invitations should encourage them to respond. With 101 things to organise and plan the RSVPs make it easy for both the guests and yourselves, with a simple tick of a box, your wedding guest list will be done in no time.


No matter how much stress it has caused you, it’s kind of sad to accept the wedding planning process is over, and nothing finalises this like writing your Thank You Cards. They really are a must, and should be sent out no later than one month after your wedding. Try and send them out as soon as you can to keep it personal and to assure the guest that you have received their gift, and enjoyed their company. It’s not featured in the ‘Top Most Exciting Tasks’ but it’s one of the most important jobs after a wedding. The best tip we can give you is to save the list that you made when you were giving Postman Pat a run for his money and dishing out all of your invitations.

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