Weddings, as we know are inevitably stressful. Months of hard work and millions of phone calls all come to a head for a day of celebrations. Don’t get me wrong, it is totally worth it, but it is also totally worth stepping back out the bubble that is the world of planning your wedding and taking some time to yourself – maybe with a few from your party.

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Every single wedding party needs a spa day, without exception. If you need a little bit more convincing, here are a few choice reasons!

Take a break

When was the last time you took a bit of time out to yourself to just be? Not to plan your wedding, not to write invites or talking to people where the topic of conversation always turns to how your wedding planning is going.
Chances are, you can’t remember. Stop, take a break before all that wedding planning becomes unenjoyable and a burden.

You want to look your best right?

You need to look as good as possible for your wedding photographs don’t you? Of course you do! Having a nice relaxing spa day will ensure that all those stress wrinkles, bags under your eyes and extra stress are simply washed away.

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Book yourself in for a facial and be amazed by the huge difference that one simple treatment can make to the way you feel.

Catch up with friends

This could be one of the last times you will have to catch up with all your friends before you tie the knot. Why not take a bit of time and do something with your friends that’s a celebration of you and your friendship together?

Have a group spa day where you can all relax together, enjoy separate treatments and meet back in the Jacuzzi to sip on bubbly and gossip! You could treat this as a post (or pre) hen party get together and either finalise all the plans for the big night out or have a laugh over the shenanigans that you all got into.

Go as a couple

Why not have a spa day together as a bride and groom to be? Not only will this give you both the opportunity to completely relax, it is an extremely romantic activity that you can both enjoy – making the build up to the wedding even more special.

Many couples opt for his and hers massages, giving you an intimate couple of hours together before you start to slip back into full wedding mode.

It’s amazing how little time you actually spend together as a couple during this period, so a romantic spa day for two could be just what the doctor ordered! A few hours of treatments, basking in a pool and relaxing in a hot tub will help to provide you with some much needed chilled memories of the whole wedding planning experience.

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Sold? Well, why wouldn’t you be! At the Webbington Hotel we provide the perfect spa in Somerset, giving you an ideal country retreat to clear the mind while you relax your body. With years of experience in providing outstanding treatments to brides to be and catering entirely for wedding parties, we can provide you with the perfect pre-wedding spa break!