The traditional department store wedding registry is a lovely solution to a practical problem. That being, if you’re setting up home together for the first time your guests can make practical and thoughtful contributions towards it. However, if you’ve got everything you need but you want contributions towards your dream honeymoon, then this guide on the etiquette of the honeymoon registry is for you.

couple posing on cliff top etiquette of honeymoon gift list

The Etiquette of the Honeymoon Registry

Here’s how to make cash wedding gifts polite and meaningful.

The difference between a traditional registry and a honeymoon registry is more than just the items. Your gifts aren’t about brands, quantities and costs. They’re about the memories you’re making. Think beach sunsets, not cutlery sets.

There’s no problem with asking for money if it’s for something concrete like your honeymoon. You don’t even need to have the cash handed over in a suspect envelope. There are websites for all of this now, such as Buy Our Honeymoon.

You can create various price points to accommodate all budgets for your guests. You can share the link for the registry in your invitations and then there is no pressure on them spend more than they feel comfortable doing. By adding the link to your invitations it is subtle without being too expectant- very British politeness.

Plus, a picture says a thousand words. Thank your guests with some well-chosen images of your honeymoon, so they can see the value of their contributions.

Couple silhouette by the beach The Etiquette of the Honeymoon Registry


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