The traditional department store wedding registry is an elegant solution to a practical problem: if you’re setting up home together for a couple for the first time, how do you coordinate your wedding gifts to help fill that home? It helps make sure that people don’t give you duplicate gifts, and helps steer those guests who might not know your tastes all that well.

After all, your guests will almost certainly want to give you a gift — as both a token of their affection for you and as something to help with your new journey as a married couple.
But perhaps a traditional registry is the solution to a problem you don’t actually have. Perhaps you’ve been with your partner for some time, and your home is already a home together. You’d be grateful for any gift, of course, but you simply don’t need more things.

What you’d really like is money to help fund the honeymoon of your dreams. But you don’t want to be rude, and you don’t want your guests to feel their gift is nothing more than a number on a cheque.


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That’s the problem a honeymoon gift list solves: how to make cash wedding gifts polite and meaningful.

Etiquette experts agree: there’s no problem with asking for money, if it’s for something concrete like your honeymoon. And is a service that’s designed to get this right.

Buy Our Honeymoon lets you put together a wedding gift list that helps you fund your honeymoon while keeping it meaningful, romantic and engaging for your guests. It’s beach sunsets, not cutlery sets. Steam rooms, not steam irons. The difference between a traditional registry and a honeymoon gift list is more than just the items, though. Your gifts aren’t about brands, quantities and costs. They’re about the memories you’re making.


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With Buy Our Honeymoon, you can make your gift list a reflection of your personalities, and really engage your guests with your honeymoon plans. You can make your list as detailed as you want, and you’ve got plenty of room to talk about your ideas and hopes for your honeymoon.

You can be creative and romantic. How about a gift of 500 miles over the ocean? Or the first night of your hotel stay? With gorgeous design themes, no ads and minimal branding, the service is personal and flexible. It’s simple for you to set up, and easy for your guests to use.


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Whatever you choose to do, the golden rule of etiquette is this: thank your guests. Send a personal, handwritten thank-you note or card after you’ve returned from your honeymoon. You could even include a photo of you both enjoying your gift.

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