The run up to your big day can be a very busy time in your life, and as the hustle and bustle of preparations continue around you, there’s one pre-wedding event that you can look forward to as a time to relax and let your hair down: your hen do.




One of the most popular ways to celebrate a hen do is to get away somewhere where you can all have a good time together. Whether you are planning on staying somewhere in the UK or further afield, there are a few items that you shouldn’t leave home without. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of four hen do essentials that you should definitely find space for in your luggage.


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You will spend long periods of time on your feet during a hen do, and regardless of whether these hours are spent exploring a new city during the day or dancing the night away, your feet will get tired in heels.

Instead, avoid any potential foot pain by packing a pair of small flat shoes that you can squirrel away in your handbag and whip out in your time of need. There are a few options that you should consider, such as Rollasole, who are a footwear brand that specialise in compact pumps that you can simply roll up and stash away without taking up too much space. Your feet will thank you at the end of the night.


No hen party would be complete without each member receiving a personalised T-shirt to commemorate the occasion — you could even keep them back as a surprise to be handed out on the journey to your chosen destination. If you do keep it as a surprise, make sure you know everyone’s shirt size well in advance.

Find a good custom T-shirt brand, such as Custom Planet, who can produce a top-quality design that can be completely personalised for your hen party. The next steps are to assign everyone a suitable nickname, pick a fitting title for your epic night out, then get them all printed up in time for the big night.


Your hen do is a time that you will want to remember for the rest of your life, so it’s only natural that you want to take a lot of pictures of you and your friends enjoying yourselves. Unfortunately, spending a few days with your phone’s camera switched on will run down your battery very quickly, so bringing along a phone charger is absolutely vital.

If you plan on spending a long time out and about, you might find you don’t have enough time to plug your phone in for a full charge. Should this be the case, you should consider investing in a portable battery pack, which can be charged beforehand and used when you need a top up. The Independent rounded-up the seven best portable chargers on the market, which is worth a read before going shopping.


Getting ready and warmed-up in your hotel room before you go out on the town can take a couple of hours, and what better way to prepare than by listening to some tunes that will get you in the party mood. By bringing a portable speaker along in your luggage, you can all enjoy the best music without having to listen to the tinny crackle of songs played from your smartphone.

The Ulitmate Ears Roll 2 is an ultraportable speaker that has a great sound and can stand up to the wear and tear of travelling around. It’s also small enough that it won’t take up a great deal of space in your bag, and, even better, it doesn’t cost the earth.