Have you thought about your toasting fizz for your wedding? English sparkling wine is really coming into its own in recent years and fast become a favourite amongst brides, over champagne. We’ve rounded up the best English sparkling wines for you to choose from for your wedding, including costs for cases of six bottles.

toasting glasses of fizz English sparkling wine

What is English Sparkling wine?

“A good English Sparkling wine is classed as a good wine in its own sense and has rivalled some of the better-known Champagnes,” says Sommelier Fabio Arcari of Club Vini. 

“Although the grape varietals are the same as what is used in Champagne -Predominantly Chardonnay and Pinot Noir – and the method is usually the traditional method of Champagne the taste, I feel, is unique, due to the unique climate of the UK,” Says Fabio.

“On a whole, I feel the cool temperatures allow for a more elegant, fresh taste in the wine whilst still keeping the toasty, brioche sensation and also bringing more zesty flavours like apple, lemon etc”.

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toasting the speech English sparkling wine

Should you age English Sparkling wine?

“Although I feel that the majority of English sparkling wine can age as well as any other sparkling wine I feel that its unique freshness is what sets it apart from the others. Therefore ageing is not always necessary as the wine is good to drink young whilst still vibrant and fresh in flavour.” Says Fabio.

“Ageing will, of course, bring out more complex flavours of toasty, nutty, dried fruit sensations which is fine for a select few but personally I feel they should be drunk young on the whole.”

Wedding Ideas Top Six English Sparkling Wines

Nyetimber Classic Cuvée NV £155

bottle of nyetimber English sparkling wine


A perfect balance of flavours that make this English Sparkling wine a fine choice for your big day. It’s a wine that offers plenty of depth and texture whilst remaining easily drinkable. Notable feedback includes:

  • Lovely, toasty flavours on the palate and the nose
  • Creamy with notes of baked bread and brioche
  • Warming with a refreshing and slightly citrusy finish
  • Fine and persistent bubbles

Gusbourne Brut Reserve NV £195

bottle of gusbourne English sparkling wine

An expertly crafted English sparkling wine that is sure to win over your guests. Gusbourne Brut is as elegant in appearance (fine bubbles and golden in colour) as it is in taste. Notable feedback includes: 

  • An elegant and palatable taste and smooth finish
  • Notes of honey and buttery pastry
  • Subtle notes of ripe apple and sweet fruit flavours
  • Distinguishable flavour –  incredibly moreish

Chapel Down Brut NV £162

bottle of chapel down English sparkling wine


Chapel Down is an easily approachable wine with pleasant flavours and texture. A more affordable option without a compromise on taste. Notable feedback includes:

  • Pleasant notes of apple and lemongrass
  • Warming notes of freshly baked bread
  • Subtle hints of strawberries
  • Refreshing and smooth-textured
  • Highly palatable

Plumpton Estate Brut Classic NV, £150

bottle of plumpton estate sparkling wine

A really lovely, balanced sparkling wine that has a real freshness to it. It’s a great accompaniment with dinner and an easy crowd pleaser. Notable feedback includes:

  • Light and dry with a creamy texture
  • Fine bubbles, smooth mousse texture
  • Delicate toasty flavours and light citrus scent on the nose

Harrow & Hope Brut Reserve NV £159

We particularly loved how smooth and creamy this sparkling wine was. It’s a tasty crowd pleaser, easily drinkable with well-balanced flavours. Notable feedback includes:

  • Hints of sweet apricot balanced with a hint of biscuit
  • Well-balanced and not too acidic
  • Slightly more textured than the other wines
  • It’s incredibly easy drinking


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