Normally a reflection of a couple’s love, these engagement shoot photos are a bit different! A bare-chested groom, a gurning bride and some unexpected guests are just the start…

A couple embracing, locked in a loving gaze is one of the best feelings in the world.

The feeling that a life of love, happiness and contentment awaits, can warm even the coldest of hearts, and we’re definitely suckers for a romantic photo or two here at Wedding Ideas.

Yet, as in life not everything goes to plan as these, ahem, ‘alternative’ engagement shoot photos prove!

Whether it’s a naked couple acting out Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, or a furry friend making it an intimate threesome, these images are definitely an example of what not to do in your engagement shoot photos.

Prepare to cringe!

Let us know which of these engagement shoot photos is your favourite! Perhaps you’ve got your own clanger you could share with us? Let us know below…


  1. That made my Monday. Its a toss up between the one with the parking meters and the Adam and Eve shot, proving that owning a camera does NOT make you a professional photographer!!


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