Radiant rubies, timeless vintage pieces and ornate diamond pavés, we’re looking for an extra helping of romance as we scout out the best engagement rings for a Valentine’s Day proposal. 

Credit: Alicia J Diamonds

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and Engagement Season still in full-flow (despite the pesky pandemic), love is most definitely in the air and we’ve got a sneaky suspicion a few of you have been bookmarking engagement ring pages and dropping some not-so-subtle hints about diamond shapes and sizes. We know you’re game.

If your partner does need another gentle nudge, however, point them in the direction of our edit of engagement rings perfect for a Valentine’s Day proposal. From heart-shaped diamonds to radiant rubies, jewellery designers have amped up the romance to create some swoon-worthy pieces for February 14th.

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7 Engagement Rings for a Valentine’s Day Proposal

Romantic Ruby Ring

Credit: Alicia J Diamonds

A classic symbol of love and romance, thanks to their evocative red hues, if there was ever a gem stone made for Valentine’s Day it would be a ruby. Ruby rings are becoming increasingly popular for engagement rings and would make a stand-out choice for a Valentine’s Day proposal.

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Top Tip: If you’ve already popped the question, or your not quite ready to propose, ruby jewellery is always a winner. Alicia J Diamonds offer a bespoke service that allows you to design a one-of-a-kind piece of luxury ruby jewellery with their resident gemstone experts.

Pink Gemstone Ring

Natural Pink Morganite Ring, Astteria London, £5,244.

A more subtle nod to the pink and red tones synonymous with all things love and Saint Valentine, an engagement ring with pink diamonds, pink sapphires or pink morganite can add a pop of colour to traditional ring designs.

A Heart-Shaped Diamond Ring

Credit: Alicia J Diamonds

Stepping away from traditional cuts, a heart-shaped diamond makes a bold statement but there’s no denying it’s a romantic one. Whether a solitaire or surrounded by a pavé of smaller stones, if there was ever a day to propose with a heart-shaped engagement ring it’s Valentine’s Day.

The New Rose Gold

Fenton Vintage Cushion Ruby 18kt Rose Gold – £2,850 – fentonand.co

If you’re planning to pop the question this Valentine’s Day, you may have drilled down your search for the perfect ring into two colour criteria: yellow or white gold. Whether platinum, silver or gold, most wedding bands and engagement rings are one of those two tones. However, a new hue is pushing its way to the forefront. And while the words ‘rose gold’ may conjure images of cocktail jewellery for some brides-to-be, the warm tones of this Fenton Vintage Cushion Ruby ring certainly provide a more sophisticated take on the trend.

Vintage Engagement Rings

Jenny Packham three stone Art Deco engagement ring, available at Goldsmiths

There’s something about a vintage piece that just exudes romance. From opulent Edwardian finery to bold and striking Art Deco a vintage engagement ring is guaranteed to set hearts racing on Valentine’s Day. And tongues wagging when you share a picture of the rock for your engagement announcement.

Personalised Birthstone Engagement Ring

Credit: Alicia J Diamonds

Add a personal touch to your proposal and choose a ring with your partner’s birthstone or a gemstone that has a special meaning to the both of you. “Each birthstone also holds individual and personal meanings,” explains the team at Alicia J Diamonds. “For example aquamarine, the birthstone of March is believed to reawaken the love of married couples, and for those with a February birthday, purple-toned amethysts make a perfect birthday and Valentine’s gift.”

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Eternity Rings

Chloe Lab Diamond Eternity Ring the diamond store
Chloe Lab Diamond Eternity Ring, The Diamond Store, now £1,652

Traditionally, the third member of the ‘holy trinity’ of bridal jewellery, an eternity joins the engagement ring and wedding ring as to symbolise everlasting love between a couple. However, always keen push away from tradition and celebrate unique declarations of love, there’s no reason a diamond eternity ring can’t make for a stunning engagement ring on Valentine’s Day. After all, an engagement is the start of your commitment to a lifetime together.


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